Female Ed.D. graduate center stage with faculty members on either side of her placing her hood over her regalia

Information for Ed.D. students

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree candidates will be recognized individually at the College of Education & Human Development’s Convocation Ceremony.


Registration is required to participate in the College of Education & Human Development’s Spring Convocation Ceremony. To register, please visit http://commencement.gsu.edu and click on the “Registration for Attendance” tab.

Please complete and submit your registration by Monday, April 30. 


Check-in begins at 1 p.m. on the 4th floor of Sports Arena.

All graduates must be checked in and present in the student holding room by 2:30 p.m.; graduates arriving after that may not be permitted to march. Important instructions about the ceremony will be given to students at that time and we will then begin lining up for the processional.

At registration, you will be given a blue card with your name, degree information, and the name of your major professor on it. Hold on to this card – you will give it to the announcer during the ceremony for your recognition. If you have a spelling correction or want to confirm the pronunciation of your name, please see the announcer, who will be located in the holding room with you.

We kindly ask that all Ed.D. graduates participating in Convocation please leave their valuables with guests or prepare to take valuables with them during the procession. You will not be allowed to march in the processional with extra possessions. Ladies, please limit your purse to a small clutch or shoulder bag worn discreetly under your robe. Note: The College of Education & Human Development is not responsible for any valuables left unattended in the designated holding room or ceremony room.


On the day of the ceremony, please come dressed in your gown and as a reminder, please do not bring extra items with you. You do not need to wear your hood upon arrival, but please make sure you have your hood with you. Note: The College of Education & Human Development is not responsible for any valuables left unattended in the designated holding room or ceremony room.


When you arrive, please send your family and friends directly to the ceremony room for seating. It is imperative that you and your guests arrive on time. There are no tickets needed for guests to enter the ceremony and seating is available on a first come, first served basis.

Please alert your guests that the Ed.D. hooding and recognition is the first recognition for the ceremony. Therefore, arriving early and on time is very important, so they will not miss your recognition.

If you or your guests need any special accommodations, please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected] so we may address your needs.

Hooding Instructions

The hooding of doctoral candidates at Convocation is considered a very special occasion by the College of Education & Human Development. It signifies the culmination of doctoral studies and the transition from candidate to colleague; it is and should be an important moment for those involved. We want to help make the moment meaningful and have it transpire smoothly.

Because the hooding ceremony occurs at Convocation in front of a large audience and requires a series of movements, here are instructions for those who will participate.


Photographers from Grad Images will take an individual shot of you, and a shot of you with your major advisor, as you walk across and exit the stage during the hooding and recognition.

Representatives will reach out to all students via mail and/or e-mail in the days following the ceremony with a passport-sized photo proof, along with the opportunity to select from a variety of photo packages. There is no obligation to purchase these photos. You will be given the opportunity to provide an e-mail address at registration for Grad Images to contact you. If you would prefer Grad Images use your Georgia State student e-mail address, please be sure to check your account in the weeks following the ceremony.

Additional candid photos of the ceremony will be posted to the College of Education & Human Development’s Flickr account.

Please note: Grad Images agrees to protect students’ right to privacy by not selling or providing the names and addresses of our candidates for graduation to another company for any purpose.