study abroad group on snowy hill in Norway

Spring break in Norway

Dr. Gary Bingham sent us the following update about his students in Norway.

Bingham and Dr. Kyong-Ah Kwon were in Oslo with a group of students. They were conducting ECEE study abroad program with graduate students. Bingham is working on a grant with partner institution Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) in Norway.

classroom in Norway

“Our grant focuses on U.S. and Norwegian early childhood mentor teachers. It’s about how they can use observational assessments in their supervision. Those assessments might include the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS; Pianta, La Paro, & Hamre, 2008), for instance. It also includes an induction approach to assist preservice teachers’ pedagogical practices.

Two teachers are participating in this 18 month long project. Ebony Smith from GSU’s Capital Hill Center is one of the teachers. Sela Soldat from College Heights Early Learning Center in Decatur is the other.

group photo in classroom in Norway

Along with our Norwegian partners we held lectures and discussions. We focused on assessing quality practices, building strong university and cooperation teacher partnerships. We also explored cultural and societal values and programs for children and families.

While we focused on birth to six context, we also worked with grades 1-7 teachers and students.

outdoor classroom in Norway

I am humbled by the generosity and collaborative spirit of the faculty and teachers. They welcome us into their classrooms and professional lives.”

The photos show us at:

  • assisting with a lesson in a 2nd grade classroom
  • a lecture with faculty on searching for quality in Norwegian kindergarten (0-6 programs)
  • an outdoor kindergarten discussing Norwegian education with college students