Center for Evaluation and Research Services

The Center for Evaluation and Research Services improves the educational and developmental experiences of students, teachers and other program clients by providing program evaluation and research services to local, state, national and international agencies and educational institutions.

Established in 2014, the Center currently conducts evaluation activities with multiple funded activities at Georgia State University and with school systems and nonprofit organizations located in counties throughout the state. The Center provides evaluation services in accordance with the need of its client, including advanced quantitative analysis and multiple qualitative approaches.

Evaluation Design

The Center’s staff has decades of experience working with researchers and agencies to design evaluation plans that help them find out what they need to improve their programs and to report to funding agencies. We can also provide advice regarding Institutional Review Board restrictions.

Data Collection

The nature of the data you collect to evaluate your program always depend on your objections, and Center staff can help you identify what kinds of data to collect and how to go about collecting it. Our team is experienced with several approaches to qualitative interviewing and observation, and we are well-versed in survey and questionnaire development.

Data Analysis

The Center’s staff are trained and experienced in a variety of quantitative and qualitative approaches to data analysis. We can assist with survey interpretation, face-to-face or distance interviewing, completing observations, cleaning large data sets and document analysis.

Evaluation Reporting

The Center annually produces over a dozen evaluation reports for agencies to use to suit the needs of their programs and, in some cases, to pass on to funding agencies to meet grant requirements. Our reports are thorough, professional, accurate and paginated.

Susan Ogletree

Susan L. Ogletree, Director

Dr. Susan L. Ogletree is currently the founding director of the Center for Evaluation and Research Services in the College of Education & Human Development at Georgia State University. She is passionate about improving school services in urban high-need low income schools though the evaluation of in and out of school programs. Dr. Ogletree serves as Co-Project Investigator for the Collaboration and Resources for Encouraging and Supporting Transformations in Education grant, which is designed to increase the number of teachers committed to high-need schools in urban and rural settings using the Professional Development School (PDS) Model. Her primary research interest includes the PDS Model implementation both nationally and internationally, and the impact of the model on academic achievement. Prior to entering higher education, Dr. Ogletree worked as a school principal for over 20 years.

William Boozer

William S Boozer, Research Scientist

Dr. William S Boozer joined the Center in 2015 after working for many years in the College of Education & Human Development in a variety of capacities, including grant administration support, teacher certification monitoring, and accreditation preparation. His primary research interests are in how society constructs adolescence and how adolescents negotiate with that construction. He received his doctorate in Educational Policy Studies from Georgia State University in 2007.

Roberta Gardner

Roberta Price Gardner

Dr. Roberta Price Gardner received her PhD in Language and Literacy Education from the University of Georgia in 2013. Her research publications and professional development for educators addresses issues related to curriculum development and culturally responsive literacy practices within low resourced schools and communities. She is on the editorial review board for Language Arts and Children’s Literature in Education and the co-editor for two practitioner oriented literacy books.

Harley Granville

Harley G. Granville, Research Associate II

Dr. Harley G. Granville received his PhD in Educational Policy Studies from Georgia State University in 2015. His research interests include teacher professional development, school and community partnerships, human participant research protection, and program evaluation. He is a former technical editor for the Journal of Individual Psychology and the Journal of Intergroup Relations.

Faculty and Research Affiliates

Robert Hendrick

Robert C. Hendrick, Research Affiliate

Robert C. Hendrick, Ph.D., is on the evaluation team for two federal Teacher Quality Partnership grants: Network for Enhancing Teacher Quality and Collaborations and Resources for Encouraging and Supporting Transformations in Education. Currently, he provides research services for faculty in the College of Education & Human Development at Georgia State University.

Richard Lakes

Richard D. Lakes, Faculty Affiliate

Richard D. Lakes is Professor of Educational Policy Studies at Georgia State University. He researches the impact of globalization on education for work; and evaluates policy reforms in career and technical education. He has written Critical Education for Work: Multidisciplinary Approaches (1994, edited), Youth Development and Critical Education: The Promise of Democratic Action (1997), and Globalizing Education for Work: Comparative Perspectives on Gender and the New Economy (2004, co-edited); and numerous book chapters. He is a member of the editorial board for the journal Vocations and Learning.

Sheryl Moss

Sheryl Cowart Moss, Faculty Affiliate

A former high school principal, Sheryl Cowart Moss has teaching and administrative experience in general and special education at every level of P-12 public education. She directs the advanced programs (Tier II and Ed.D.) in educational leadership at Georgia State University.

Cowart Moss is a site visitor for the Georgia Professional Standards Commission and she chairs the Teacher and Leader Preparation Committee for the CEEDAR-GA Project, a partnership between the state of Georgia and the national CEEDAR Center, bringing together general education, special education and educational leadership. She also serves as a technical assistance consultant for the CEEDAR Center. Cowart Moss is president of the Georgia Educational Leadership Faculty Association (GELFA) and a member of the Board of Directors for the Georgia Association for Educational Leaders. She received the Exemplary Service Award from the Georgia Association of Educational Leaders in January 2018.

Cowart Moss is an invited member of the Council of Professors of Instructional Supervision (COPIS), where she is also the president-elect, and the National Collaborative for Inclusive Principal Leadership (NCIPL), a project of the Council for Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) in Washington, D.C. As part of this work, Cowart Moss leads a national topical action group whose mission is to infuse inclusive leadership practices into leadership preparation programs.

Cowart Moss recently completed a study of leadership in high-needs schools with the International School Leadership Development Network (ISLDN). Her research interests include the aesthetics of leadership, particularly as they impact marginalized populations. She has presented her work to regional, national and international audiences and has been invited to share her expertise in educational leadership program development with major universities across the country.

YinYing Wang

Yinying Wang, Faculty Affiliate

Yinying Wang is an assistant professor of Educational Leadership in the Department of Educational Policy Studies at Georgia State University. Her research interest intersects technology, educational leadership, social network analysis, and text mining. Her publications focus on what the role of and how social media and social networks play in educational leadership and policy. In addition to teaching educational leadership courses, she also teaches EPS 8780 Social Network Analysis. Her blog can be viewed at

During the 2015-16 year, the Center has been involved in a number of evaluation activities. Listed below is a sample of these with a short description of the work we have done.

Network for Enhancing Teacher Quality (NET-Q)

The federally funded NET-Q program prepared new teachers in early childhood education and high need fields through specialized training, including a specialized action research model. To continue to assess the effectiveness of the program with regard to teacher retention, the Center is collecting quantitative and qualitative data from the program’s graduates to find out how participation in the program helped their careers as teachers.

Collaboration and Resources for Encouraging and Supporting Transformations in Education (CREST-Ed)

In the CREST-Ed program, federal funds are used to support teaching residencies and to provide a “menu of services” for school partners to select from based on their professional development and school needs. The Center’s role is to work with the Evaluation Coordinator to assess the effectiveness of the services and the progress of the teacher resident activities.

21st Century Community Learning Centers

The Center works with four school collectives in Douglas County as well as Boys and Girls Clubs of the Central Savannah River Area (Augusta, Evans, Thomson, and Sandersville, GA) to evaluate these state-funded after-school programs for students in need. In addition to analyzing academic and attendance data from the agencies and the state, we visit the sites to interview stakeholders in the programs and observe classroom activities.

Personalized Learning in Henry County Schools

Last year, six Henry County schools officially implemented Personalized Learning, the system’s new curriculum and instruction direction. The Center works with the system’s Evaluation Team to produce surveys, collect data, conduct interviews, make observations, and analyze results to help guide the system as it moves forward on this big endeavor.

Georgia Department of Education

In 2017, the State of Georgia will implement new standards of excellence for science and social studies, and, beginning this fall, the Department of Education will be working to make sure teachers are aware of the new standards and prepared to teach them in their classrooms. The Center is working with the Department of Education to design an evaluation plan to assess the effectiveness of their professional development efforts over the coming year.

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