Adult Literacy Research Center


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These are some of the research projects that we are involved in. Contact Iris Feinberg for more information.


Center for the Study of Adult Literacy, a federally funded study committed to understanding the reading-related characteristics that are critical to helping adult learners reach their reading goals and to developing instructional approaches that are tailed to adult learners’ needs and interests.



Understanding Health Information Seeking Behaviors of Adults with Low Literacy, Numeracy, and Problem Solving Skills,” an analysis of the 2012 Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies study funded by the American Institutes of Research.



Functional MRI (fMRI) of Adult Learners. This project is focused on developing methods for describing the struggling adult readers’ reading and learning systems from a neurobiological perspective. The specific aim of the project is to develop and evaluate the quality and reliability of an fMRI paradigm and its neurocognitive/experimental measures for adult struggling readers.