What does it cost?

Check out our cost calculator or visit student financial services for information on estimated costs.

How long will it take?

This is a fully online English Education Master of Education degree. Students complete 36 credit hours of coursework that can be completed in 2 years.

Where will I take classes?

All required classes to earn a degree can be completed online.

Application Deadlines View Admissions Requirements

  • Fall: June 15
  • Spring: October 15
  • Summer: April 1

Online English Education, M.Ed.

The Online Master’s in English Education Program at Georgia State University is your golden ticket to explore the in-depth knowledge of English language arts. Designed for modern educators, this program incorporates a flexible, innovative learning platform accessible anytime, anywhere.

Take a leap forward in your teaching career by acquiring an advanced understanding of English literature, language, and composition with our well-structured Master’s in English Education program. This online program enables you to weave your professional commitments around a flexible study schedule.

The Online Master of Education in English Education at Georgia State University encompasses a rich, diverse curriculum. Learn from the best as our experienced faculty share their insights on diverse English literature, comprehensive language studies, and impactful teaching methodologies. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to ensure you have the resources to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic educational environment.

The English Education master’s degree prepares you to:

  • Teach English as a second language
  • Teach writing and composition
  • Conduct research in English education
  • Engage in continuous professional development
  • Communicate and interact productively with a diverse and changing workforce and citizenry.

Program Highlights

Serve Your Community with a Master's Degree in English Education at Georgia State

By taking part, you will be prepared to serve your community in a meaningful way. Our program equips graduates with a comprehensive understanding of English education, thereby enabling them to positively influence the educational landscape. You’ll have the opportunity to inspire a love for literature and writing in future generations, contribute to curriculum development and promote literacy in diverse social and cultural settings. Join our program and help shape the future of education in your community.

Learning Objectives

The M.Ed. in English Education has three learning objectives:

  • Expand your skills and knowledge in literacy assessment, curriculum development and the study of literacy
  • Employ research methods to investigate educational issues and improve classroom practice
  • Analyze and address the influence of social, cultural and linguistic diversity on teaching and learning

This program aims to enhance the student’s understanding of English education and literacy, develop the capability to conduct research and use it effectively in an educational context and promote the application of critical pedagogical approaches to teaching. Students will gain a profound understanding of the complexities of teaching in multicultural and urban contexts. Our program also cultivates an understanding of learner psychology and develops a strong foundation in literacy assessment and curriculum development. Ultimately, we aim to develop graduates who are insightful, knowledgeable and capable of driving positive change in English education.

Careers in English Education

Career Fields

The completion of your online Master of Education in English Education degree from Georgia State University opens doors to a diverse array of rewarding career paths. Our graduates can expect to find roles as secondary school teachers, literacy consultants, English content curriculum coordinators, educational consultants or English tutors. Furthermore, many of our students pursue further academic advancement and become researchers or university professors. The robust training provided by our program gives our graduates the necessary skills to make a significant impact in the field of English education.

The English education master’s program can also be beneficial for individuals in careers that intersect with education such as publishing, professional writing, educational policy or content creation roles within the digital media industry. A master’s degree in English education also opens doors for those seeking to implement new processes or looking to transition their careers.

Graduates find employment at the following:

  • Atlanta City Schools
  • Cobb County School District
  • Decatur City Schools
  • DeKalb County School District
  • Fulton County Schools
  • Schools in California, New York, Arizona and Ohio
  • International schools

Earnings Potential

Completing a M.Ed. in English Education opens a range of career opportunities in academia, administration, content creation, consulting and more. Graduates find roles as:

  • Teachers
  • Curriculum designers
  • Educational consultants
  • Education administrators
  • Learning and development professionals in diverse settings

The Bureau of Labor Statistics highlights that master’s degree holders in this field can expect a median annual wage of $79,540, with higher compensation for roles in administration and advanced positions in academia.

Program Details

A completed application to the online English Education master’s program includes:

  • Submitted Online Application: Online applications must be submitted by the deadline.
  • Application fee: A non-refundable fee of $50 is required for each application. This fee must be paid online by credit card.
  • Goals Statement: A brief personal essay explaining the applicant’s interest in the program.
  • Resume Upload
  • English Language test scores (International applicants only): International applicants are required to submit official TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing Systems) academic scores.
  • Two letters of recommendation: Letters should be submitted through the online application.
  • Upload Transcripts from each post-secondary college/university attended:
    • Upload each transcript to the Academic History section of the online application before submitting your application or upload to your application status page under the Upload Materials section if your application has been submitted.
    • Review the requirements for submitting transcripts before sending your submission. Failure to follow these requirements will delay your application processing.
    • Proof that you meet certification requirements in English Education in Georgia.

For more information on submitting your transcripts, visit the graduate application process page.


The online M.Ed. in English Education degree program consists of 36 credit hours of study and 24 hours of core courses.

Required courses include:

  • Multicultural Education
  • Teaching and Learning in Urban Contexts
  • Theory and Pedagogy in the Study of Writing
  • Children’s and Adolescents’ Literature
  • Literacy and Digital Media

For a complete list of courses and up-to-date curriculum requirements, please visit the course catalog.

Funding Your Graduate Education

Cost of attendance and funding opportunities are integral to your decision to attend graduate school. Georgia State University is proud to offer a variety of funding opportunities, from assistantships to fellowships.

Awards and Assistantships

Various awards, assistantships and fellowships are available to new and current graduate students. We encourage you to contact your department, college, school or institute of interest to get more information about the assistantships and fellowships that they offer their students.

The Scholarship Resource Center offers guidance and support to students seeking financial assistance through scholarship opportunities, including this scholarship library.


The Office of Graduate Programs’ Fellowship Advisor works with students interested in applying for nationally prestigious and competitive fellowships. The Office of Graduate Programs also coordinates the application process for students applying to the Second Century Initiative, the Provost’s Dissertation Fellowship and the Dissertation Library Travel Awards.

Cost Calculator

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Graduates from our Online Master of Education in English Education program have gone on to enjoy successful careers in various roles, such as curriculum designers, educational consultants, advanced English teachers and more. With this degree, you’re not just getting an education; you’re setting yourself up for ongoing success in the vibrant field of education.

As a student in our program, you’ll develop advanced competencies in research methodologies in education, understanding of critical pedagogy and multicultural education, alongside learning the psychology of learning and learners. Additionally, you’ll explore the complexities of teaching and learning in urban contexts.

Our major in English education is not only focused on the theoretical aspect of education but also places a heavy emphasis on English education content. Students will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of children’s and adolescents’ literature and pedagogy in the study of literature, writing and the English language. Literacy assessment, curriculum development, critical literacies in content areas and literacy for a diverse society are some of the areas you’ll delve into. This comprehensive approach ensures our students are well-rounded educators upon graduation.


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