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How long will it take?

Total for the teacher certification concentration: Minimum of 124 semester hours
Total for the sport coaching concentration: Minimum of 121 semester hours

Where can I take classes?
Atlanta Campus

Am I required to take classes at a specific location?
Atlanta Campus

Application Deadlines View Admissions Requirements

  • Fall: March 1

Health and Physical Education, B.S.E.

The health and physical education bachelor’s degree program offers two concentrations: teacher certification and sport coaching.

The teacher certification concentration is designed to prepare graduates for a teaching career in kindergarten through 12th grade schools. After completing a series of activity and content classes, students will have the opportunity to complete methods of teaching classes in four settings (elementary, secondary, adapted physical education and health education) prior to student teaching.

The sport coaching concentration prepares sport coaching, physical activity, and heath and wellness professionals to work in community sport and movement settings. These settings include early childhood through later adulthood. This concentration does not lead to initial teacher certification.

Education programs leading to professional licensure or certification (nursing, education, social work, counseling, accounting, allied health professions, etc.) may require additional approval from separate licensing boards, depending on the state. Students who live or plan to live outside Georgia and are considering a professional program should contact the appropriate board in their state of residency prior to beginning a course of study. To help students find the best-known contact information for the appropriate state licensing board and for a list of Georgia State program contacts, visit the Student Consumer Information website.

Program Highlights

Areas of emphasis include:

  • Movement skill development and analysis
  • Personal health and wellness
  • Pedagogical disciplinary study
  • Instructional skills
  • Philosophy and analysis of sport coaching
  • Athlete development and coaching athletes with disabilities
  • Direct field experiences


The HPE program has four dedicated faculty who teach at the bachelor, masters and/or doctoral levels. These individuals include:

Why study sport coaching?

Georgia State is the only university in Georgia with an undergraduate concentration in sport coaching. The program is 100 percent face-to-face, ensuring students have direct access to faculty who teach in the program. Instructors have a strong history of success in coaching at youth and adult levels recreationally and professionally.

The program offers small class sizes with an emphasis on practical learning. It takes a unique perspective on coaching athletes with disabilities and opportunities to obtain national coaching certifications in disability sport.

Head coaching jobs in the public schools requires a state teaching certificate through the teacher concentration in health and physical education or through our master of arts in teaching program.

Why study teacher certification?

The teacher certification in Health and Physical Education specializes in the use of instructional models to teach best practices in teaching health and physical education in kindergarten through 12th-grade school settings. The program offers practicum teaching experiences starting in the junior year with about 60 hours of in-class teaching experience in elementary, secondary, health and adapted physical education settings prior to student teaching. The program has a 100percent pass rate on the edTPA national teaching portfolio and placement of teachers in schools throughout Atlanta and Georgia. Graduates also find employment as assistant and head coaches within their school district.

Program Details

Admissions Requirements

  • minimum 2.50 overall grade point average on all undergraduate coursework previously completed required for admission to the Teacher Certification concentration — minimum 2.50 overall grade point average on all undergraduate coursework previously completed recommended for admission to Sport Coaching, Physical Activity, Health and Wellness concentration
  • successfully completed all courses in Area A-F: apply as you near completion of Areas A-F

As part of the application process for the Teacher Certification concentration, you must also complete or do the following:

  • Take the GACE Program Admission Assessment (unless candidate meets one of the qualifications for exemption: SAT combined Evidence-Based Reading/Writing and Math score of 1080 or higher if taken July 2019 or after, or combined Verbal/Critical Reading or Evidence-Based Reading/Writing and Math score of 1000 if taken prior to July 2019; ACT combined English and Math score of 43 or higher; GRE combined Verbal and Quantitative score of 297 or higher).
  • Take the Georgia Educator Ethics Assessment (360)
  • Purchase Tort Liability and upload proof of Tort Liability with your application. It is recommended that HPE majors obtain their tort liability from GAHPERD.
  • Complete the online application

As part of the application process for the Sport Coaching, Physical Activity, Health and Wellness concentration, you must also complete or do the following:

  • Order and pass a background check — submit proof as part of the application.
  • Purchase Tort Liability and upload proof of Tort Liability with your application. It is recommended that HPE majors obtain their tort liability from GAHPERD.
  • Complete the online application

Program of Study

Coursework focuses on sport psychology, human movement, principles and philosophy of coaching, long term athlete development, coaching athletes with disabilities, nutrition, conditioning, principles of organization and management of sport programs, safety/injury prevention and internships.

B.S.E. in Health and Physical Education

Areas A-E: Core Curriculum Recommendations

Students must complete 42 semester hours in Areas A-E of the Undergraduate Core Curriculum. Courses in Area A must be completed with “C” or higher grades.

Semester hours are shown in parentheses following an entry.

Area F. Courses Appropriate for a Major (18 hours)

Students must complete coursework with a grade of “C” or higher in Area F prior to admission to teacher education.

Required for Teacher Certification and Sport Coaching concentrations (18):

  • EDUC 2110 Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education (3)
  • EDUC 2120 Exploring Socio Cultural Perspectives on Diversity (3)
  • EDUC 2130 Exploring Teaching and Learning (3)
  • KH 2122 Applied Health and Wellness (3)
  • KH 2130 Introduction to Kinesiology and Health (3)
  • KH 2211 Movement Sciences for Practitioners (3)

Area G. Major Courses (53-56 hours)

Required Courses for Teacher Certification and Sport Coaching concentrations (32):

  • KH 3010 Skill Themes and Movement Concepts (3)
  • KH 3020 Fitness and Physical Activity (3)
  • KH 3030 Invasion Games (3)
  • KH 3040 Net/Wall Games (3)
  • KH 3070 Target and Field Games(3)
  • KH 3080 Dance and Gymnastics (3)
  • KH 3200 Instructional Skills for Physical Education and Physical Activity Professionals (3)*
  • KH 3375 Injury Prevention and First Aid (2)
  • KH 3610 Motor Learning and Development (3)
  • KH 3710 Health Risk Behaviors- CTW  (3)
  • KH 4280 Psychology of Physical Activity (3)

Completion of KH 3010 is required before taking KH 3200 , KH 3410 and KH 3420.

KH 3710 will fulfill the Critical Thinking Through Writing (CTW) requirement.

*For Teacher Certification, completion of KH 3200 with a “C+” or higher.

Methods and Curriculum for Teacher Certification concentration (24 hours):
Required (24):

  • EXC 4020 Characteristics and Instructional Strategies for Students with Disabilities (3) (or equivalent)
  • KH 3410 Assessment in Health and Physical Education (3)
  • KH 3420 Curriculum in Health and Physical Education (3)
  • KH 3700 Sexuality Education for P-12 (3)
  • KH 4510 Contemporary Instructional Models for Pre-K and Elementary Physical Education (3)
  • KH 4520 Contemporary Instructional Models for Secondary Physical Education (3)
  • KH 4530 Contemporary Instructional Models for Health Education (3)
  • KH 4540 Contemporary Instructional Models for Adapted Physical Education (3)

Completion of KH 3410, KH 3420, KH 3700, KH 4510, KH 4520, KH 4530, and KH 4540 with a “C+” or higher is required along with permission from HPE faculty before taking KH 4710 and KH 4720.

Methods and Curriculum for Sport Coaching concentration (21 hours):
Required (12):

  • KH 3630 Principles and Philosophy of Coaching (3)
  • KH 3635 Special Considerations for Coaching Athletes with Disabilities (3)
  • KH 4200 Analysis of Sport Coaching (3)
  • KH 4350 Fitness Program Management (3)

Electives (9):
Select nine (9) hours:

  • GERO 4200 Health and the Older Adult (3) (same as [SNHP 4200])
  • GERO 4610 Psychology of Aging (3) (same as PSYC 4610)
  • KH 2220 Anatomy in Kinesiology and Health (3)
  • KH 2221 Anatomy in Kinesiology and Health Laboratory (1)
  • KH 3060 Performance and Analysis in Disability Sport (3)
  • KH 3360 Disability Sport and Physical Activity (3)
  • KH 3520 Strength Training and Conditioning (4)
  • KH 3680 International Experience in Sport and Exercise Science (3)
  • KH 4210 Long Term Athlete Development (3)
  • PSYC 3450 Health Psychology (3)
  • NUTR 2100 Principles of Nutrition (3)
  • NUTR 3100 Nutrition and Health (3)
  • NUTR 3105 Normal Nutrition through the Life Cycle (3)
  • NUTR 4960 Nutrition and Physical Fitness (3)
  • SOCI 4230 Sociology of Health and Illness (3)
  • Other courses may be selected with consent of advisor

Area H. Internship and Student Teaching (8 hours)

First Aid and CPR Proficiency: All students must have current certifications in First Aid and CPR (including infant, child, and adult) at the time of application to student teaching or internships. Those certifications must remain current through the end of the student teaching/internship term. Students may demonstrate this proficiency by attaining the appropriate certifications from  GSU Recreation Department, American Heart Association, local fire departments or the American Red Cross. Please note:  The skills test for first aid and CPR cannot be taken online.

Students should not enroll in other courses while completing Area H requirements.

Students must complete internship or student teaching coursework in Area H with a grade of “B” or higher for program completion. A grade of B or higher is required for students in the teacher certification concentration for recommendation for certification.

Required for Teacher Certification concentration (8):

  • KH 4650 Opening School Experience (0)
  • KH 4710 Student Teaching in Health and Physical Education, P-5 (4)
  • KH 4720 Student Teaching in Health and Physical Education, 6-12 (4)

Students must post passing scores on the GACE Content Assessment, Georgia Educator Ethics – Program Exit (360) Assessment, and edTPA in order to be recommended by Georgia State University for clear, renewable certification.

Required for Sport Coaching Concentration (8):

  • KH 4730 Physical Activity Internship I (4)
  • KH 4740 Physical Activity Internship (4)

Total Program Teacher Certification concentration: minimum of 124 semester hours

Total Program Sport Coaching concentration: minimum of 121 semester hours

Program Financial Information

B.S.E. majors must pay all tuition and fees charged by the university and the college. A lab fee of $125 will be charged at the time students register for the student teaching/internship experience. Students must be aware that extra cost such as fees for LiveText, tort liability, criminal background check, edTPA,  and transportation will be incurred at various times during the completion of various field experiences, particularly during the students’ senior year. The cost of the edTPA portfolio submission is $300.00, which will be associated with student teaching.

Teacher Preparation Program Effectiveness

Initial teacher preparation program candidates must pass a state-mandated teacher performance assessment, the edTPA, at the end of their programs to become certified in Georgia. The teacher performance assessment measures a candidate’s ability to help students learn. Teacher candidates are required to demonstrate knowledge and skills in planning, teaching, assessing and analyzing student learning.



Coaching is teaching in an athletic venue instead of a classroom. Our program merges theoretical understanding of psychological, scientific and pedagogical aspects of coaching with practical experiences to prepare you to succeed in coaching at all levels of sport.

Careers in Teacher Certification

We prepare students to be effective health and physical education teachers. Possible teacher certification careers include:

  • Health educator in K-12 public or private schools
  • Physical educator in K-12 public or private schools
  • Head coach in middle and secondary public or private schools
  • School staff wellness team leader


Program Coordinators
Deborah Shapiro, Ph.D.

Kinesiology and Health

Mailing Address & Office Location
Georgia State Sports Arena
125 Decatur Street SE, Suite 137
Atlanta, GA 30303

30 Pryor Street SW
Atlanta, GA 30303

The information shared provides an overview of Georgia State’s offerings. For details on admissions requirements, tuition, courses and more, refer to the university catalogs.