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Thomas Crisp

Assistant Professor    Assistant Professor of Literacy    

Children's and young adult literature, media, and culture; critical multiculturalism; identity politics and queer theory; literacy instruction


Thomas Crisp is an assistant professor of literacy in the College of Education & Human Development’s Department of Early Childhood and Elementary Education. His professional work focuses on issues of social justice and children’s and young adult literature, media and culture. He is a recipient of the International Reading Association’s Elva Knight Research Grant, the International Research Society for Children’s Literature’s Research Grant and, in 2011, the Florida Reading Association recognized him with the Marguerite Cogorno Radencich Award for the state of Florida’s “Outstanding Teacher Educator in Reading.”

His work in the field of children’s and young adult literature relates primarily to issues of social justice and representations of traditionally marginalized populations. He is concerned specifically with literature by and/or about people who self-identify as LGBT or queer. His professional writing can be found in journals like Journal of Children’s Literature, Children’s Literature in Education, English Journal, Language Arts, Taboo: The Journal of Education and Culture, Children’s Literature Association Quarterly, Lion and the Unicorn, International Research in Children’s Literature, Voice of Youth Advocates, Teacher Education and Practice and Horn Book Magazine. Crisp currently serves on the board of directors for the Children’s Literature Assembly (National Council of Teachers of English) and the Children’s Literature Association, as well as the editorial board of Children’s Literature in Education and the editorial review boards for journals like Journal of Children’s Literature, Journal of Literacy Research and Language Arts.


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