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Susan Ogletree

Director, Center for Evaluation & Research

Professional Development School Implementation - National and International, Partnerships - National and International, Program Evaluation, Mixed Methods Research Methodologies


Susan Ogletree is currently Director of the Educational Research Bureau in the College of Education & Human Development at Georgia State University. Ogletree received her Bachelor of Music Ed., Masters of Elementary Education and Specialist in Educational Leadership from West Georgia College – Carrollton, GA. At Georgia State University – Atlanta, GA, she received her Masters of Professional Counseling and her Ph.D. in Educational Policy Studies with a concentration in Research, Measurement and Statistics where she received the Educational Policy Studies Dissertation of the Year Award. During her work in k-12, Ogletree served as principal for twenty years directing schools that included 3 year pre-kindergarten programs and state funded lottery 4 year programs. In her job as Director of the Educational Research Bureau, her office is responsible for overseeing $17,000,000 in external funding for national and international programs. She also works with faculty to identify potential partners both national and international grant initiatives.

Ogletree currently serves as Co-Project Investigator for the Network for Enhancing Teacher Quality (NET-Q) grant. This partnership includes the six major school systems in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area as well as twelve rural districts in the South Georgia Area. She is also interested in working with the Professional Development School Model in South Africa where she has worked in partnership with the Durban University of Technology around school leadership and research methodology. Her primary research interests include Professional Development Schools, both nationally and internationally, and their impact on academic achievement in high needs urban schools.


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