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Sarah Elizabeth Carlson

Assistant Professor    

Ph.D., Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota
M.A., Educational Psychology, University Minnesota
B.A., Psychology, University of Nevada


Psychological Foundations of Education, Learning and Cognition
Cognitive Science
Reading Comprehension Assessment


Davison, M. L. Biancarosa, G., Carlson, S. E., Seipel, B., and Liu, B.  (In press). “Preliminary findings on the computer administered multiple-choice online causal comprehension assessment (MOCCA), a diagnostic reading comprehension test.” Assessment for Effective Intervention.

Seipel, B., Carlson, S. E., &and Clinton, V. (2017). “When do comprehender groups differ? A moment-by-moment analysis of think-aloud protocols of good and struggling comprehenders.” Reading Psychology. Manuscript published online.

Crone, D. A, Carlson, S. E., Haack, M., Kennedy, P., Baker, S. K., and Fien, H. (2016). “Data-Based Decision-Making Teams in Middle School: Observations and Implications from the Middle School Intervention Project.” Assessment for Effective Intervention. DOI: 10.1177/1534508415610322

Carlson, S. E., van den Broek, P., McMaster, K., Rapp, D. N., Bohn-Gettler, C. M., Kendeou, P., and White, M. J. (2014). “Effects of comprehension skill on inference generation during reading.” International Journal of Disability, Development and Education. Special Issue: Foundations of Language, Literacy and Numeracy Learning, 61(3), 258-274. DOI: 10.1080/1034912X.2014.934004

Carlson, S. E., Seipel, B., and McMaster, K. (2014). “Development of a new reading comprehension assessment: Identifying different types of comprehenders.” Learning and Individual Differences, 32, 40-53. DOI: 10.1016/j.lindif.2014.03.003