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Robert Rice

Clinical Assistant Professor    Coordinator of School Counseling Program    

Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Education and Practice (CACREP), Georgia State University, 2011
Education Specialist in School Counseling, Georgia State University, 2003
Certification School Counseling, West Georgia College, 1994
Master of Arts in Music Education, Ball State University, 1979
Bachelor of Science in Music Education, Ball State University, 1971


Dr. Rice's current research areas include:
Positive School Climate Growth through Peer Leadership in grades 6-12
Group work in schools
Dr. Rice's Specialty is School Leadership, Minority advocacy and achievement in K-12 schools, School Counselor Advocacy, Adolescents in Schools, and Collaboration within the school community.


Robert Rice is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) Department at Georgia State University. Rice is coordinator of the School Counseling Program within CPS. His interests include school counseling, adolescents, peer leadership in k-12 schools, school leadership, and group work. Most recently, Rice has been working towards developing a program for Positive School Climate Growth through Peer Leadership in grades 6-12.

Rice has been a school counselor for 18 years, and began his work as a counselor educator in 2013. In addition to teaching and research, Robert has worked collaboratively with several school districts, the Georgia State Department of Education, and other stakeholders to promote the effective use of school counselors in order to help all students succeed. Rice has also consulted with several groups and led trainings on various topics including College and Career Readiness, leadership, adolescence and academic achievement, collaboration in schools, and developing effective school counseling programs.



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