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Peggy Albers

Professor    Faculty    

Ph.D., Indiana University
M.A., University of South Dakota
B.S., Dakota State University


Critical literacy
Visual discourse analysis
Children's literature
English education


Peggy Albers is a full professor in the Department of Middle and Secondary Education. Albers is a Fulbright Specialist who conducted literacy-based work  in Colombia, and is a Fulbright finalist with focused work in South Africa with children’s literature and literacy.

Albers is the author of five research and practitioner books, has published approximately 110 journal entries, and has delivered nearly 200 keynote and conference papers and workshops at international and national conferences.

Albers has published widely in professional literacy journals including, Journal of Literacy Research, Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, The Reading Teacher, Language Arts, English Education and Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, to name a few.

She has also has authored and/or co-authored five books on the integration and practice of the arts in teaching including her most recent book (2017) published by Routledge, Global Conversations in Literacy Research: Critical and Digital Literacies.

She was also co-editor of Language Arts, the premiere language arts journal for teachers pre-K through grade 8, and Talking Points, a leading journal in whole and critical literacy.

Albers has a strong interest in international work, and has done consultant work in Colombia, Canada, Holland, Sweden, and most recently in South Africa having recently completed a 3-year USAID funded project, Project Partnerships Achieve Literacy (PAL). Project PAL engaged her in work with rural elementary teachers (K-3) in the Western Cape of South Africa to integrate digital technologies into their literacy instruction and assessment.

Albers is well known for visual discourse analysis, a method of analyzing children’s art works for children’s understanding of content and discourses that emerge in these texts (Albers, 2007).

In 2011, Albers founded Global Conversations in Literacy Research (GCLR;, a series of interactive open access web seminars that featured cutting-edge literacy research conducted by international literacy researchers. GCLR is grounded in critical literacy, and saw as its mission to use networked technologies to connect global audiences in a virtual space that allows participants to exchange ideas on literacy theory, research, and practice.

Adding yet another dimension, Albers is a practicing ceramicist, studying at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center for over 20 years. This work with the arts has integrally informed her scholarship in literacy.


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