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Janice Fournillier

Associate Professor    

Ph.D. in educational psychology, University of Georgia, 2005
Certificate of Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies, University of Georgia,2005
M.A. in education, University of the West Indies, 2000
Diploma (Ed.) in language arts teaching, University of the West Indies, 1995
B.A. in English, Spanish, University of the West Indies, 1979
Teacher’s diploma in elementary school teaching, Mausica Teachers’ College, 1970


Qualitative Research Methodologies; Cultural Studies; Teaching and learning practices in non school contexts and urban contexts; Teacher Education; Writing qualitative manuscripts; Program evaluation


Janice Fournillier is an associate professor with tenure at Georgia State University. She teaches and writes about qualitative research methodologies and works as a program evaluator and research methodologist on state and national funded grants. She published several articles exploring the use of qualitative research methodologies from the perspective of a “native” ethnographer using data from her Ph.D. dissertation on Carnival mas’ making in her native country Trinidad and Tobago. She has a research interest in auto-ethnography, case studies, teaching and learning in non-school contexts like Trinidad and Tobago Carnival mas’ camps, teacher education and urban contexts.


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Junor Clarke, P. & Fournillier, J. B. (2012). Action research, pedagogy, and activity theory: Tools facilitating two instructors’ interpretations. Teaching and Teacher Education 649-660.
Fournillier, J. B. (2011). Working within and in-between frames: A mid-night robber and the academy. Qualitative Inquiry, 71(6), 558–567.
Fournillier, J. B. (2010). Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose: An Afro Caribbean scholar on the higher education plantation. Creative Approaches to Research, 3(2), 52–62.
Fournillier, J. (2009). Trying to return home: A Trinidadian’s experience of becoming a “native” ethnographer. Qualitative Inquiry, 15(4), 740–765. Retrieved from¬cgi/reprint/15/4/740