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Gary Bingham

Associate Professor    Associate Professor    

Early childhood education
Early literacy and language development


Gary Bingham is an associate professor in the Department of Early Childhood and Elementary Education at Georgia State University. He received his Ph.D. in child development and family studies from Purdue University. His research examines home and school factors that contribute to the academic achievement of culturally and linguistically diverse children. Specifically, his research seeks to discover how high quality adult-child interactions (i.e., emotionally and instructionally sensitive interactions) within the home and at school influence young children’s literacy and language development. His research also examines factors that contribute to these high-quality adult-child interactions, particularly with regard to writing, reading and language facilitation.

Bingham is the coordinator of the Ph.D. program in early and elementary education, a member of the Board of Regents Initiative on Research on the Challenges of Acquiring Language and Literacy (RCALL) and a founding member of the Urban Child Study Center in the College of Education & Human Development. He serves on the editorial boards of the journals Language Arts and Early Child Development and Care.

His research has been published in a number of high quality early childhood and language and literacy journals including Early Childhood Research Quarterly, Early Education and Development, Reading and Writing, and Language, Speech and Hearing Services in Schools.


Recent Publications
Gerde, H., & Bingham, G. E., & Pendergast, M. (in press). Environmental and teacher supports to writing in classrooms. Early Childhood Research Quarterly.
Bingham, G. E. & Patton-Terry, N. (2013). Early language and literacy achievement of Early Reading First students in kindergarten and first Grade. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 27, 440-453.
Kwon, K., Bingham, G.E., Jeon, H., Lewsader, G., & Elicker, J. (2013). Free play vs. structured play: Contextual influence on parenting and child behaviors and use of language. Child and Youth Care Forum, 42, 207-224.
Patton-Terry, N., Mills, M. T., Bingham, G. E., Mansour, S., & Marencin, N. (2013). Narrative Skills of African American Pre-kindergartners who Speak Nonmainstream American English. Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools, 44, 291-305.
Bingham, G. E. & Hall-Kenyon, K. E. (2012). Full and half-day kindergarten programs: Examining impacts on second language learners. Early Child Development and Care, 183, 185-199.
Bingham, G. E., Kwon, K., & Jeon, H. J. (2012). Examining Relations Among Mothers, Fathers, and Children’s Language Use in a Dyadic and Triadic Context. Early Child Development and Care. doi:10.1080/03004430.2012.711590