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G. Sue Kasun

Assistant Professor    Language Education    

Ph.D., Cultural Studies in Education, University of Texas, Austin, 2012
M.A., Education Administration, Framingham State College, 2002
M.A., Global Political Economy, University of Denver, 1999
B.A., Spanish and International Studies, Guilford College, 1996


English Language Learners
Ways of knowing and education
Latinx populations with focus on Mexican-origin populations
Teacher education
Critical ethnography and qualitative methods
Postcolonial and Chicana feminist theories
Decolonizing/indigenizing curriculum


G. Sue Kasun has extensively researched with Mexican-origin populations for over two decades. Her work is multi-sited, situated in sending and receiving communities spanning the U.S.-Mexican border, highlighting the trans-nationalism of many immigrant communities. She has focused on Mexican-origin populations’ ways of knowing and intersections with language education as well as how Mexican origin youth have performed in schools. Her research is published in many education journals, including Teachers College Record, Anthropology & Education Quarterly and TESOL Quarterly.

Her research and teaching, critical in their orientation toward attempts to work for social justice, stem from her experiences as an educator. Kasun was both an administrator and teacher in Mexican and U.S. schools, including public high schools in the U.S., in which she worked for seven years. Her bilingualism in Spanish also influences how she thinks about language and culture and their intersections with identity. She uses research frameworks that are critical in orientation, and continually works on questioning and understanding her positionality as a white researcher.

Kasun has begun engaging both decolonizing and indigenizing curricula, and plans to continue engaged activist-oriented research with U.S. schools, especially as it relates to language education and the recent explosion of dual language education.


Select Publications

Kasun, G.S. and Saavedra, C. M. (2016). “Disrupting ELL teacher candidates’ identities: Indigenizing teacher education in one study abroad program.” TESOL Quarterly 50(3), p. 684-707.

Kasun, G.S. (2016). “Interplay of a way of a knowing among Mexican-origin transnationals: Chaining to the border and to transnational communities.” Teachers College Record 119(9).

Kasun, G. S. (2016). “Ways of knowing: A framework for educators to understand Mexican-origin transnational families for educational equity.” Equity & Excellence in Education 49(2), p. 129-142.

Kasun, G.S. (2015). “‘The only Mexican in the room’: Sobrevivencia as a way of knowing for Mexican transnational students and families.” Anthropology & Education Quarterly 46(3), p. 277-294.

Kasun, G.S. (2014). “Hidden Knowing of working-class transnational Mexican families in schools: Bridge-building, Nepantlera knowers.” Ethnography and Education 9(3), p. 313-327.

Kasun, G.S. (2013). “‘We are not terrorists,’ but more likely transnationals: Reframing understandings about immigrants in light of the Boston Marathon bombings.” Multicultural Perspectives 15(4), p. 227-233.