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Ewa McGrail

Associate Professor    

Ph.D., Syracuse University
M.A., Jagiellonian University
B.A., Jagiellonian University


Digital writing and new media composition; copyright and media literacy; social representations of outgroups in media and literature; multiliteracies and multimodal assessment; and technology use in teaching and learning.


Dr. Ewa McGrail is a leader in literacy research whose publications and work reflect ground-breaking research in literacy and technology in teaching and learning. Her work has appeared in a variety of top-ranking journals, including English Education, Teachers College Record, Journal of Research in Childhood Education, Assessing Writing, Journal of Academic Ethics, Innovate, Action in Teacher Education, Kappa Delta Pi Record, The Reading Teacher and Educational Leadership.

Dr. McGrail is the winner (with Anne Davis) of the Journal of Research in Childhood Education Distinguished Education Research Article Award, the GATE Distinguished Research Award (with J. P. McGrail) and the recipient of the National Leadership Fellowship Award Program from the Conference on English Education (CEE), National Council of Teachers of English, and the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE).  Her recent publication (with Anne Davis) is a book on online digital dialogic writing with an authentic audience and how it can transform the elementary classroom. She is a co-founder of a multi-disciplinary international multimodal online journal, Ubiquity: The Journal of Literature, Literacy and the Arts that publishes thought-provoking research, analyses of practice and creative work from urban, rural and international perspectives and contexts.

In her research, Dr. McGrail examines digital writing and new media composition; copyright and media literacy; multiliteracies and multimodal assessment; and technology use in teaching and learning. She also explores the experiences of students and educators from outgroups or who are otherwise not in the mainstream. Dr. McGrail teaches master’s and doctoral- level courses in the areas of writing, new media composition, reading, content area reading and literacy, media literacy, literacy and technology, and English education methods.



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