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Ethan Van Norman

Assistant Professor    

Ph.D Educational Psychology (minor Quantitative Methods), University of Minnesota-Minneapolis, 2015
M.A. Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota-Minneapolis, 2012
B.S. Psychology, Illinois State University


Data-based Decision Making
Formative Assessment (including screening and progress monitoring)
Multi-Tiered Systems of Support
Behavioral Assessment and Measurement
Quantitative Analysis
Applied Psychometrics and Instrument Development


Ethan Van Norman, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the School Psychology program within the Department of Counseling and Psychological services at Georgia State University. He completed his pre-doctoral internship in school psychology at Heartland Area Education Agency 11 in Iowa. His research primarily focuses on evaluating and improving the technical adequacy of academic and behavioral measures used in schools. In addition, Van Norman conducts research aimed at building the capacity of educators and school psychologists to use data meaningfully to make sound educational decisions. He was awarded an Eva O. Miller doctoral fellowship for his work on progress monitoring and data-based decision making.


Van Norman, E. R. (2016). “Curriculum-based measurement of oral reading: A preliminary investigation of confidence interval overlap to detect reliable growth.” School Psychology Quarterly (Advance Online Publication).

Van Norman, E. R., and Christ, T. J. (in press). “How accurate are interpretations of curriculum-based measurement progress monitoring data? Visual analysis versus decision rules.” Journal of School Psychology.

Van Norman, E. R., and Parker, D. C. (in press). “An evaluation of the linearity of curriculum-based measurement of oral reading (cbm-r) progress monitoring data: Idiographic considerations.” Learning Disabilities Research & Practice.

Van Norman, E. R., Nelson, P. M., and Parker, D. C. (in press). “Technical adequacy of growth estimates from a computer adaptive test: Implications for progress monitoring.” School Psychology Quarterly.

Van Norman, E. R., Christ, T. J., and Newell, K. (in press). “Curriculum-based measure of reading progress monitoring: The importance of growth magnitude and goal setting in decision making.” School Psychology Review.