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David W. Stinson


Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics Education, The University of Georgia, 2004
Master of Education in Mathematics Education, Georgia State University, 1999
Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, Georgia State University, 1985


African American/Black students and mathematics teaching and learning
Equity and identity in mathematics teaching and learning
Teaching mathematics for social justice
Contemporary theory and mathematics teaching and learning
Socio-cultural and -political issues of mathematics teaching and learning


The research interests of David W. Stinson (Ph.D., The University of Georgia), broadly speaking, are twofold: critical postmodern theory and identity. More specifically, he explores how mathematics teachers, educators and researchers (might) incorporate the philosophical and theoretical underpinnings of critical postmodern theory into their education philosophies, pedagogical practices and/or research methods. Additionally, he examines (and theorizes) how students who are constructed outside the white, Christian, heterosexual male of bourgeois privilege successfully accommodate, reconfigure or resist (i.e., negotiate) the hegemonic discourses of society generally and schooling specifically, including those found in the mathematics classroom.

Stinson has authored and co-authored research published in the leading education and mathematics education journals such as Review of Educational Research, American Educational Research Journal, Teachers College Record, The Urban Review, Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, Educational Studies in Mathematics, and Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education. In addition, he has authored and co-authored book chapters for several edited volumes and was co-editor of Teaching Mathematics for Social Justice: Conversations with Educators, an edited volume published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (one of “The Top 75 New York Times Best-Selling Education Books of 2013”).

Stinson currently serves as the editor in chief of the Journal of Urban Mathematics Education and recently served a three-year term as a member of the Editorial Panel of the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education and a two-year term as a member of the AERA Review of Research Award Committee.




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Stinson, D. W. (2013). Negotiating the “White male math myth”: African American male students and success in school mathematics [Special issue]. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 44(1), 69–99.

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