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David Houchins

Professor    Special Education High Incidence Professor    

Doctor of Philosophy, University of Florida, 1998
Master of Education, University of Florida, 1995
Bachelor of Science, Ball State University, 1986


Secondary-transition for students with mild disabilities
Juvenile justice
Literacy instruction
Evidence-informed practices


David Houchins is a professor in the Department of Educational Psychology, Special Education, and Communication Disorders at Georgia State University. He earned his doctor of philosophy degree from the University of Florida and was previously an assistant professor at Louisiana State University and a secondary teacher for students with mild disabilities in Palm Beach County, Fla.

Houchins’ areas of interest include juvenile justice reform, academic strategies and transition services for at-risk secondary youth with and without mild disabilities. He has been the principal investigator on more than $6 million in grant funding. He has numerous publications including those on literacy instruction, self-determination, professional development and high quality research in juvenile justice. He has served as a national expert and trainer for state, national and international entities, including Turkey and Egypt.


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