headshot of Gholnecsar E. Muhammad

Muhammad earns 2014 Promising Researcher Award

College of Education & Human Development Assistant Professor Gholnecsar Muhammad has received the 2014 Promising Researcher Award from the National Council of Teachers of English.

The award, established in 1970 and given annually by the council’s Standing Committee on Research, honors individuals who have completed dissertations between Dec. 1, 2011 and Jan. 31, 2014 that relate to the teaching of English or the language arts.

Muhammad’s dissertation, entitled, “In Search for a Full Vision: Writing Representations of African American Adolescent Girls,” highlights her research on a summer writing group comprised of African American adolescent girls.

“The paper does a splendid job of reminding teacher educators that we must move beyond assumptions that lived experiences are our own singular experiences and understand what it actually means to engage students in writing ‘as social action,’” the award committee wrote about her dissertation. “Dr. Muhammad’s stories of history and identity contribute to the building of a genre that reminds educators just how much work we still have left to do.”

For more information about Muhammad and her research, visit http://education.gsu.edu/profile/gholnecsar-muhammad.

For more information about the Promising Researcher Award, visit http://www.ncte.org/second/awards/pra.