Lindsey Moloney

Social Foundations Graduate Designs Own Learning Goals

“I wanted to create my own learning goals, and the Social Foundations of Education master’s program helped me accomplish this by allowing me to study what was best for my career.” —Lindsey Moloney, M.Ed. ’12, Social Foundations of Education

Hometown: Glen Falls, NY
Education: M.S. ’12, Social Foundations of Education, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
B.S. ’05, English Education; B.S., Creative Writing, University of Evansville, Evansville, IL
Job Title: Administrative Director,  M.D. Curriculum Program
Employer: Vanderbilt University, School of Medicine

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Social Foundations of Education in Lindsey Moloney’s Words

Attracted by multidisciplinary view of education

Social Foundations - The College of Education & Human Development graduates about 800 students each year. Of those, more than 400 are teachers.My career in higher education administration started at a private university in Indiana as a recruiter due to some previous experience teaching recruitment best practices to other universities. While the role was ideal for someone interested in a career in higher education, I wanted the challenge of something new in a big city, so I decided to attend graduate school in the hub of Atlanta. I was interested in a broad-based master’s program that approached education in the U.S. from multiple views, and the Social Foundations of Education program was a perfect fit. It’s designed to be multidisciplinary and I liked the diversity of courses I could take in subjects like political science, sociology, history, philosophy, anthropology and cultural studies.

Career advanced during master’s program

After moving to Atlanta, my admissions experience allowed me to land a job with Georgia State University’s Office of the Registrar. After my six month probationary period ended, I applied to the master’s program and was accepted. Halfway through the program, the university’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business offered me a promotion, and four months into that position, I was promoted again to assistant director. I attribute my progression to being in a flexible program that allowed me to focus on my learning and career goals.

My market value grew after graduating

After completing my degree, I stayed with the College of Business a little over a year. By this time I was confident I had enough market value, so I relocated to Nashville with aspirations of working for Vanderbilt University. When a managerial opportunity became available, I applied, interviewed shortly afterwards, and was thrilled when they offered me a director position instead. Being a forward thinker and designing my own learning goals are qualities I fostered during my graduate program and have allowed me to excel in my career.