Bulletin board with Top Five Education Apps description pinned to it

Top 5 Educational App Recommendations

by Brendan Calandra and Jonathan Cohen
Learning Technologies Division

Want to learn more about Portugal’s soccer teams, Brazil’s topography or China’s waterways? Barefoot World Atlas provides an interactive globe with animations, illustrations, photos and voiceovers that teaches young users about history, culture, natural sciences and more.

Khan Academy provides instructional videos and practice exercises on a wide array of topics — including math, science, economics and the arts — for learners of all ages.

If you don’t have index cards and a lot of time, Quizlet comes in handy. Users can create sets of terms to learn using several study modes generated by the app, such as flash cards, matching and more.

On its own, Google Sky Map is an excellent reference for astronomic objects. When paired with a physical science or astronomy class, it can also help students learn new material, particularly outside of class.

My Tracks catalogues users’ activities to compile data that can then be used in all sorts of educational contexts. For example, mathematics students can use My Tracks data to learn about graphing or analysis while social studies students can aggregate the data to learn how the layout of a neighborhood affects their schoolmates’ walking habits.

This story was originally published in the Fall/Winter 2015-16 issue of IN the College of Education & Human Development, the college’s alumni magazine.