Photo of Deborah Crockett next to the words, "Why I Give" in white on a black background

Why I Give

Deborah Crockett, Ph.D., NCSP
B.A. ’78, M.Ed. ’82, Ed.S. ’83, Ph.D. ’87

I am strongly committed to giving my time and resources to the College of Education & Human Development. Support for the college makes it possible for the most talented students to receive an exemplary education and enter the world of work ready to enhance the lives of those they serve. Georgia State’s College of Education & Human Development offers some of the most progressive programs in each of its departments. In order to have the resources necessary for the future of these programs, financial support is critical. Therefore, I give.

I entered my degree program knowing what I wanted to become professionally. The professors and staff in the college’s Department of Counseling and Psychological Services helped me to clarify my professional goals and through excellent courses of study, I achieved. Through the efforts of the department chair, I received a Minority Fellowship to continue my doctoral studies. The assistance ensured that I could complete my education. Given all I received, I feel compelled to give to the college so future students experience the process of acquiring the highest skills possible in their chosen career from leading professors of the college.

Finally, I give because “praising the bridge that carried me across” is a part of my life. As a dedicated lover of education, it is my hope that by giving to Georgia State’s College of Education & Human Development, recognition will continue to come to this absolutely wonderful college and institution.

This was originally published in the Fall/Winter 2015-16 issue of IN the College of Education & Human Development, the college’s alumni magazine.