John Kesner in Katmandu

Dr. John Kesner visits Katmandu for a new study abroad program

Talk about being on top of the world, Dr. John Kesner recently spent some time in Katmandu finalizing plans for a study abroad program he hopes to launch in spring 2016.

“The people were extremely friendly, eager to help – very accommodating,” said Kesner, associate professor in the Department of Early Childhood and Elementary Education department and director of the Saturday School for Scholars and Leaders program.

Kesner will partner with The Geneva School in Katmandu and the School of Education at Katmandu University to create a new study abroad program where students will learn about the educational system in Nepal.

This was Kesner’s first time in Nepal. “There were things to get used to, such as not having 24-hour electricity,” he explained. “Nepal is a country where they rely solely on hydroelectric power and in the dry season, there is much less water available to generate electricity.  So, the electricity would be on for four or five hours and then off for four or five hours.  But things like that are minor compared to the warmth and friendliness of the people.”

Images from Katmandu