Office of Field Placement

Opening School, Practicum and Student Teaching Placements

Posted On December 20, 2013

Beginning with the fall 2015 term, all Georgia State University students who are accepted into a teacher education program  and will be completing a field placement must complete the requirements to obtain a Pre-Service Certificate through the Georgia Professional Standards Commission which includes a criminal background check and the ethics module.

Beginning fall 2015 all teacher education… more »

Classroom Observations

Posted On December 20, 2013

Prior to acceptance into a teacher education program, students enrolled in courses which require observation experiences in a school setting (EDUC 2110) will complete the online application for observation placements. The deadline for requests is stated below.

Please note:  If the course requires the student to complete an observation in a community setting (EDUC 2120/2130)… more »

Criminal Background Checks

Posted On December 18, 2013


ALL  TEACHER EDUCATION PROGRAM ACCEPTED STUDENTS – DO NOT COMPLETE THIS CBC – you will receive information about procedures required for your Pre-Service Certificate which includes a criminal background check that will be completed by the Ga Professional Standards Commission. dec GSU students who are completing a classroom observation for an EDUC course including… more »