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Posted On August 17, 2017

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CEHD Alumni Network Scholarship

Posted On September 6, 2013

The CEHD Alumni Scholarship Program honors graduate and undergraduate students who exemplify excellence by their scholarship and commitment to improving student achievement.

This scholarship is supported by donations from CEHD alumni and friends. Four students (2 graduate and 2 undergraduate students) will received a $1000 monetary award. A committee will review all applications and make… more »

Alumni Network

Posted On August 16, 2013

The Alumni Network shares a commitment to leadership in education and is dedicated to advancing social and professional opportunities for its members.

Giving & Alumni

Posted On August 16, 2013

Keep making a difference after you graduate.

The College of Education & Human Development is training the next generation of educators. You can continue your support by giving to the college and joining the Alumni Network. Your gift enhances the college in every area, and our Alumni Network is dedicated to advancing social and professional… more »