About the College of Education & Human Development

Posted On November 19, 2013

Georgia State University’s College of Education & Human Development is committed to high quality instruction and high impact research to a student population that reflects the diverse composition of our state and nation.

We offer undergraduate, graduate and non-degree programs for professionals in education, human development and health-related fields. We draw on the expertise of… more »

Producing Educators for Georgia Schools

Posted On August 12, 2013

Principals rate our graduates as strong.

We consistently receive high marks from the administrators who employ our graduates.

Our candidates and graduates are well prepared.

Our candidates have deep knowledge of their content and how to teach teach it, they understand the needs of students and are able to plan and differentiate instruction to… more »

Highlights & Rankings

Posted On August 9, 2013

Highlights The College of Education & Human Development is ranked No. 40 by U.S. News & World Report Georgia State University’s College of Education & Human Development (CEHD) continued its rapid ascent up the U.S. News & World Report rankings of higher education graduate programs, placing 40th in this year’s survey. The CEHD… more »

Professional Education Faculty

Posted On July 30, 2013

The Professional Education Faculty is a multidisciplinary team committed to teaching, research, and service in partnership with school and community agencies. It is comprised of faculty from the College of Education & Human Development and from the College of Arts and Sciences and representatives of P-16 Partner Schools who are responsible for the preparing of… more »

How Effective are Georgia State University’s Teacher Preparation Programs?

Posted On July 29, 2013
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At Georgia State University, we believe educator preparation programs should be held to high standards. Our teacher preparation programs demonstrate that we prepare teachers who have a positive impact on children’s learning and development and who are committed to staying in the profession. We focus on collection and analysis of performance-based data to help us… more »

College of Education & Human Development statement on national report

Dear members of the College of Education & Human Development community,

As reported in the national press and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, another group has released its opinions on the quality of teacher preparation programs. A new organization, the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ), produced ratings of teacher preparation programs around the country. We join… more »