Brittany Carroll

Multiple Field Experiences in Speech Pathology in Metro Atlanta Boosted Confidence

“I had lots of opportunities to build lasting relationships with my cohort, faculty and clinical supervisors. I didn’t feel like a number among the masses.” —Brittany Carroll, M.S. ’11, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Hometown: Powder Springs, GA
Education: M.S. ’11, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Georgia State University
B.S. ’08, Communication Across the Lifespan, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
Job Title: Speech-Language Therapist
Employer: Greater Atlanta Speech and Language Clinic

Become a Speech Pathologist 

Speech Pathology in Brittany Carroll’s Words

Academic adviser’s advice led to graduate program

Speech-Language-Pathologist - Speech Pathology - Since 2011, the Communication Sciences and Disorders program boasts a high employment rate - 100% of our graduates are employed. Praxis 11 exam pass rate - 100% of our graduates passed.Initially, I majored in psychology because I wanted a career in the helping professions. While I enjoyed the classes, I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay in that field, so I spoke to my academic adviser and she suggested a degree in speech-language pathology could be a lucrative career route I could pursue. Once I researched the benefits of the position, I discovered there was a huge demand for speech therapists in schools, medical facilities and private practices throughout the country. I immediately switched my major and decided to earn a master’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders to become state certified once I graduated.

Graduate assistantship paid for my expenses

The greatest aspects of the program was the graduate assistantship opportunities — I had an assistantship for three years and it covered my expenses the entire time – and field experience. Given Atlanta’s proximity to numerous facilities, I was able to select a variety of settings and populations to work with, including people with traumatic brain injuries or individuals who were deaf and hard of hearing. I had a mini internship at my current employer’s private practice, as well as full-time placements at a public school and outpatient clinic.

Aspire to supervise students and interns

With three solid years of experience as a speech-language therapist at the Greater Atlanta Speech and Language Clinic, the most rewarding part of my job is helping my clients meet their communication goals, like increasing their ability to speak. As I progress in my career, I see myself continuing to assist clients express the ideas they have in their mind verbally. I’d also like to supervise more students and interns in the clinic setting, or possibly a school.