Group of young students with teachers to be

Academy for Future Teachers

AFT 2018 is here! June 4-22

Application deadline: Midnight, Weds., May 30th

Applications and Forms:

  1. 2018 AFT Application and Teacher Recommendation Form
  2. Teacher’s Recommendation Form
  3. Academy for Future Teachers 2018 Brochure
  4. AFT’18 Flyer May 5.3.18

Ever wondered what it really takes to be a great teacher? Check out AFT at Georgia State!

A teacher to be works with young students in a classroomThe Academy for Future Teachers welcomes bright, talented and diverse high school students seriously considering a career teaching math or science in an urban environment, or a math or science career track.

They enrich teaching and communication skills, participate in field trips and workshops and review core math and science content. Best of all — they teach real students! Both middle school students and pre-K children provide the essential real-world feedback that helps AFT’s future educators spotlight the professional and academic skills they need.

AFT ’18 is designed especially for students who have completed their sophomore or junior year by May, 2017. Rising sophomores with exceptional academic standing and college-bound seniors will be considered as well.

What is AFT about?

Students focus one week each on:

  • Early Childhood Math and Science
  • Secondary Science
  • Secondary Mathematics


  • Basic Pedagogy
  • Urban & multicultural education
  • Professional practices
  • How individual style affects students and co-workers
  • The relevance of STEM in everyday life
  • Core science and math skills

Practical Experience

  • College-level sessions with university faculty and expert public school teachers
  • Personal, scholastic and professional growth and exploration
  • Hands-on, real world fun and practical applications of math & science concepts
  • Expanded communication techniques
  • Practice teaching
  • Team building

Our Contact Information

Georgia State University Academy for Future Teachers Contacts:

Laurie Forstner, AFT Director
GSU CEHD Dean’s Office
P.O. Box 3980
Atlanta, GA 30302-3980
Office: 404-413-8121
Fax: 404-413-8103

Dr. Gwendolyn Benson
Associate Dean, GSU CEHD Academy for Future Teachers
P.O. Box 3980
Atlanta, Georgia 30302-3980
Office: 404-413-8105