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Instructions for Reentry into a Graduate Program

Application for graduate reentry (return to active status) for the College of Education & Human Development is necessary if a student qualifies as a “reentry” student. A reentry student is one who has been enrolled at Georgia State University and who meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • has not registered for courses at Georgia State during any of the previous three semesters;
  • has not registered for six or more credit hours for the current and the preceding two semesters (Continuous Enrollment Policy);
  • has been on scholastic suspension after an absence of one calendar year;
  • has been on scholastic exclusion after an absence of five or more years.

Complete the Graduate Reentry Application and submit along with a $25.00 application fee.  You must also submit official transcripts for any and all coursework taken since last registering at Georgia State, prior to the reentry deadline.

Deadlines for Reentry Applications: 

  • Fall – June 1
  • Spring – November  1
  • Summer – April 1

Your application will be reviewed by your program’s academic department. The department must approve all reentry applications and may deny reentry because of a student’s previous academic performance or progress in the program, or the length of time not enrolled.

Students missing the university deadlines for re-entry must contact the Office of Academic Assistance and Graduate Admissions directly.

If Your Reentry Application is Accepted:
Reentering students are subject to the regulations of the Graduate Catalog and the degree program current at the time of reentry. Once accepted, you are eligible to enroll for the reentry semester you applied for.

Reentry students who are accepted but do not attend the semester in which they were admitted must contact the Office of Academic Assistance and Graduate Admissions at educadmissions@gsu.edu to attend the succeeding semester. Put the words “Reentry delay” in the subject line of the email.