Certificate in International Education

A Graduate Certificate in International Education is available from the College of Education & Human Development to eligible students enrolled as non-degree students in the College of Education & Human Development or in graduate programs at Georgia State University. To earn the certificate, students must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours with a collective GPA of 3.0 or higher in those courses.

Students must submit a proposed program of study to Gwen Benson, the College of Education & Human Development Associate Dean of School, Community, and International Partnerships, along with syllabi for each proposed course.  The specific courses to be included will be reviewed in light of the guidelines below.  The program must be approved by the Associate Dean of School, Community, and International Partnerships plus a minimum of two CEHD faculty associated with the International Education certificate.

In order to be eligible to earn the certificate, students must:

  • Be enrolled in a non-degree program in the College of Education & Human Development or in a graduate program at Georgia State University
  • If not already enrolled at Georgia State University, applicants should submit an application using the online graduate application and must have at least a 2.5 undergraduate GPA or a master’s degree and submit a goal statement at time of application submission.
  • Submit the proper form to the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research officially indicating an intention to work toward earning the certificate a list of the proposed courses, and accompanying syllabi. Click here to download the application form. 
  • Complete the approved program of study coursework with a 3.0 GPA or higher

 Program of Study

The program of study for the Graduate Certificate in International Education must include the following:

International Education: Core (3 hours)

The program must include a Core course that provides an understanding of teaching, learning, and/or development from an international perspective. The lens framing this course should be comprehensive in the international focus rather than specific to a given area/country.

Select One Course (3):

  • EDCI 8970 Seminar in Teaching and Learning: Global Perspectives in Literacy Education (3)
  • EDRD 8280 Literacy for a Diverse Society (3)
  • EPEL 7020 Leadership for a Diverse Society (3)
  • EPEL 8020 Leadership for Change in a Diverse Society (3)
  • EPSF 8330 Globalization and Educational Policy (3)
  • EPSF 8350 Comparative Educational Systems (3)
  • Or other international education core courses approved by ICE faculty committee

International Education: Study Abroad (3 hours)

The program must include a minimum of 3 graduate credit hours that incorporate a study-abroad experience.

Select One Course (3):

  • ECEE 9810 Directed Readings in Early Childhood and Elementary Education (3)
  • ECEE 8000 Issues in International Education (3)
  • EDUC 7777 Field Experiences in International Education (3)
  • EDMT 8420 Topics in Mathematics Teaching and Learning (3)
  • EDMT 8430 Sociocultural and Sociohistorical Issues of Mathematics Education (3)
  • EPEL 8970 Seminar in Educational Leadership (3)
  • KH 7810 Directed Readings And Research In Sports Administration (3)
  • KH 8660 International Experience in Sport and Exercise Science (3)
  • Or other study abroad courses as approved by ICE faculty committee

International Education: Electives (12 hours)

Students may choose electives from across the university which may be broadly focused or country/region specific.  The course foci may include: (a) educational issues in a specific region/country, (b) development of language expertise or background knowledge associated with a region/country, or involvement in studying/interacting/teaching with international populations who are living in our own country.  After having met the Core and Study Abroad area requirements above, students may also count as electives any additional courses taken from the ones listed in those sections.

Select Four Courses (12):

  • CPS 7340 Social/Cultural Issues In CPS (3)
  • CPS 8340 Advanced Multicultural Counseling Strategies & Interventions (3)
  • ECEE 6360 Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (3)
  • ECEE 8100 Social, Cultural, and Political Issues in Teaching and Learning (3)
  • EDLA 8020 Social, Cultural, and Political Contexts Shaping Early Literacy Instruction (3)
  • EDLA 8330 Language Variation and Learning (3)
  • EDRD 8550 Trends and Issues in Language and Literacy Education (3)
  • EDSS 8290 Learning, Curriculum & Instruction in Social Studies (3)
  • EDSS 8420 Topics in the School Social Studies Curriculum (3)
  • EDSS 8550 Trends and Issues in Social Studies (3)
  • EPSF 7110 Multicultural Education (3)
  • EPSF 8010 Cultural Studies in Education (3)
  • EPSF 8040 Cultural Studies in Education: Gender (3)
  • EPY 8180 Development during School Age (3)
  • EPY 8220 Advanced Developmental Psychology: Personality and Socialization (3)
  • KH 7200 Cultural Aspects of Sport (3)
  • TSLE 7260 Cultural Issues for the Bilingual/ESL Teacher (3)
  • TSLE 7440 Methods and Materials for the Bilingual/ESL Teacher (3)
  • Other internationally focused elective courses as approved by ICE faculty committee

Program Total:  minimum of 18 hours