Online Education Technical Assistance

Course Login Instructions

All courses will be held on GoView. You will not be able to access the courses your registered for until the first day of the semester.

  • Go to
  • Enter your username (ex: jdoe13_gsu)
  • Enter your password in the following format – MMDDYY
  • If you need assistance with logging in or cannot access a specific course that you are registered for, please try resetting your password on the login page. If you continue to have login problems, you should contact the Desire2Learn Help Center (DHC) at 855-772-0423. Be sure to let the DHC representative know what website address you are attempting to access:

Technical Support

For technical support for GoView, please contact the Desire2Learn Help Center (DHC) at 855-772-0423. Students are advised to use the Desire2Learn Help Center located inside the information box on the login page for GoView for password resets. For appropriate support, please let the DHC representative the website address that you are accessing (