3 Digital Tools Academic Researchers Can Use to Manage and Store Data


NVivo allows you to organize and analyze your qualitative data (e.g., interviews, surveys, audio/video recordings, etc.).


Zotero collects your research in a single, searchable interface and allows you to add PDFs, images, audio and video files, snapshots of web pages, and more.


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Top 5 Careers That Make a Difference

Do you want a career that offers more than a steady pay check, stock options, cool furniture, and free meals? If so, you may want to consider a career as a K-12 educator or in the helping professions.

Below are the top five careers that ranked the highest according to the 2015 more »

Kinesiology Doctoral Student’s Orthotic Prototype Could Help Toe Walkers Improve Gait

“If they walk on their toes before they turn three years old, it’s considered normal. But after three years, if they still walk on their toes and don’t have any neurological or musculoskeletal diseases, then it’s considered ‘idiopathic,” Daniel Fanchiang, Kinesiology doctoral student explained.

“That’s why we call it ‘idiopathic’ – because we don’t know… more »

Sport Administration Alum is Madison Square Garden’s Youngest Manager

“I always knew I wanted a career in hockey,” says 25 year-old Justin Casserly, manager of event presentation for the New York Rangers ice hockey team and the youngest manager in Madison Square Garden’s history.

“Everything you see that goes on during a game, from the time the doors open until the final PA announcement is read,… more »

Should My Graduate School/Program Be Accredited?

Are you considering applying to graduate school?

If so, it’s imperative that you choose a college/university that’s accredited by one of six regional accrediting bodies. Depending on the type of program you’re interested in, you should also determine if the program needs to be accredited by a specialized or professional accrediting agency. Learn more below.

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