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Prepare for Graduate School — Summer Research Experiences

Looking ahead to the future?
Give your application for graduate school an edge over other applicants.

Join our GSU scholars from our College for a unique summer research experience. Learn how to collect and analyze data and get hands-on involvement with faculty.

You’ll do ongoing cutting-edge research projects related to:
learning, cognition, social justice and education.

Our Courses

This courses offers an introduction to research in human learning and development.

You'll learn about:

  • The basic concepts of research.
  • Epistemologies within the field.
  • The methods used in such research.

You'll develop the ability to:

  • Read, summarize, organize, critique and design research.
  • Understand research articles, charts, tables and survey data.
  • Learn basic qualitative and quantitative approaches to understanding social reality, urban and rural.
  • Learn how to investigate educational issues and broader social issues in Atlanta.

You'll learn about:

How to complete an inquiry project that focuses on an issue in urban education.

You'll do research:

You'll work with an experienced faculty researcher for hands-on learning in research. This hands-on research internship project will span 10 hours. During that time, you'll work with data collection/analytics and dissemination of findings.

You'll also:

  • Read and discuss research studies about the topic of your research mentor's project.
  • Hold weekly seminar meetings to learn and review basic research concepts.
  • Reflect on your research experiences from the field during the seminars.

You'll develop skills to:

  • Write literature reviews. Other course engagements will help you learn how to do this.
  • Create a research poster presentation. You'll show this to the faculty, students and staff at our College.

For more information, contact:

Joyce Many
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Educator Preparation

Summer School Details

To learn how to apply for summer school,
visit the admissions office summer school page.