Atlanta skyline in the early evening

Through the Eyes of Urban Youth — Exploring the City of Atlanta

Our young people are the lifeblood of our city.
But who are the urban youth in Atlanta?
What are their dreams and aspirations?
Where do they live and what do they do for fun?

Join our “Eyes of Urban Youth” online and hybrid courses.
You will research, develop and visit sites where the next generation of city dwellers thrive.

Our Courses

This course explores how our media portrays children, childhood and families. Media considered include film, television, print, corporate marketing and online.

Explore and analyze:

  • Movies, television shows, web series, cartoons, ads, apps, games, picture books, and more
  • Local theatre productions, museum exhibits, film festivals
  • Puppetry performances, summer film blockbusters and more...

Interact and learn with:

  • Spoken word poets, authors, news broadcasters
  • Artists, filmmakers and others who will share their talents, experiences and expertise
  • Peers and instructors during discussions, hands-on activities, and field trips through the city

Create and develop:

  • New-to-you perspectives that push you (and others) to see media in new ways:
    • How is media a mirror of your life?
    • How is media a window into the lives of others?
    • Whose story is missing or misrepresented?
  • A digital story to reflect a social issue uncovered during your media exploration

You'll learn about:

  • Concepts of culture.
  • Cultural influences.
  • How culture plays in the lives and education of our children and youth.

You'll immerse yourself in multilingual and multicultural communities:

We'll look at schools and community settings that feature many languages and cultures. We'll focus on how well these communities understand each other.

You'll get to:

  • Visit Decatur, Clarkston or Bufford Highway to experience a "diversity of the senses."
  • Create group collages based on engaging your senses within those diverse cultures.
  • Talk with community members about how their lives might be the same or different from your own.
  • Engage with children in schools to explore their linguistic and cultural diversity.

For more information, contact:

Joyce Many
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Educator Preparation

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