14-0394COE Honors Day

Middle and Secondary Education Awards

Awards in the Department of Middle and Secondary Education are given to outstanding students in each discipline. Recipients are chosen by faculty based on academic achievement, teaching expertise, community service and a commitment to excellence.

Language and Literacy Education

Outstanding Ph.D. Student Award (Language and Literacy Education)

Kamania Wynter Hoyte

Outstanding M.Ed. Student Award (Reading, Language and Literacy – Reading Specialist)

Elizabeth Leipold

Outstanding M.A.T. Student Award (English Education)

Christopher Zand

Outstanding M.A.T. Student Award (English as a Second Language)

Laura Sum

Language and Literacy Doctoral Fund Award

Established by College of Education alumnus Dr. Jennifer Greene to honor a doctoral student in Language and Literacy Education with an emphasis on English as a Second Language education. The recipient will receive a $500 cash award.

Tuba Angay-Crowder

Mathematics Education

Outstanding Ph.D. Student Award

Kori Maxwell

Outstanding M.Ed. Student Award

Julie Cummins

Outstanding M.A.T. Student Award

Jessica Mayer

Gloria Kittel Scholarship

Established by Gloria Kittel to honor a student pursuing a M.Ed. in mathematics education. The purpose of the fund is to provide support to a student preparing to teach middle school mathematics by pursuing a Master of Education in mathematics education in the College of Education. Each recipient will receive a $500 scholarship.

Kimbeni H. Mansion
Ashleigh N. Satterfield

Excellence in Mathematics Teaching Award

Given to an undergraduate or graduate student pursuing a degree in mathematics education who is demonstrating academic excellence. The recipient will receive a $1,000 cash award.

Merck Smith

Science Education

Outstanding Ph.D. Student Award

Donna Barrett-Williams

Outstanding M.Ed. Student Award

Amy Hitt

Outstanding M.A.T. Student Award

Candice Franklin

Social Studies Education

Outstanding Ph.D. Student Award

Jean O’Keefe

Outstanding M.Ed. Student Award

Kevin R. Lewis

Outstanding M.A.T. Student Award

Kanika A. Mays

Urban Adolescent Teaching and Learning

Outstanding Healthcare Science Technology Education Student Award

Sherri E. McCoy

Outstanding Trade and Industrial Education Student Award

Terry Kemp

Outstanding M.A.T. Student Award (Language Arts and Social Studies)

Kevin Cunane

Outstanding M.A.T. Student Award (Mathematics and Science)

Nathan Stone

Outstanding B.S.E. Student Award (Middle Level Education)

Rebecca Ammazi

Bradford and Patricia Ferrer Endowed Scholarship in Middle Level Education

Established by Bradford and Patricia Ferrer to honor a student majoring and excelling in middle childhood education, with a focus on teacher preparation. The recipient will receive a $500 scholarship.

Shelly Hodges

Beverly J. Armento Doctoral Award

Established by Dr. Beverly J. Armento, Professor Emerita of Social Studies Education and former chair of the Department of Middle-Secondary Education and Instructional Technology, to honor doctoral students who have a commitment to improving pedagogy in teaching and teacher education. Each recipient will receive a $1,000 cash award.

Christi Pace
Paulette Terry Sigler