A student teacher works with a class

Classroom Observations

Prior to acceptance into a teacher education program, students enrolled in courses which require observation experiences in a school setting (EDUC 2110) will complete the online application for observation placements. The deadline for requests is stated below.

Please note:  If the course requires the student to complete an observation in a community setting (EDUC 2120/2130) as designated by the course instructors, students do not need to submit an observation application to the Office of Field Placements and may manage their own placement request.  Students may receive a list of available sites from their faculty or they can also use the GSU Office of Civic Engagement to search for opportunities here

Prior to completing any observation for any GSU class students must:

  • Obtain a criminal background check through the university-approved vendor prior to placement. Read the instructions on applying for a criminal background check.
  • Obtain Tort liability – Instructions and form located on Office of Field Placements main page

**Students must complete the criminal background check prior to submitting an online request for placement for EDUC 2110**

The Summer 2017 application for EDUC 2110 will open on June 5, 2017 and close on June 11, 2017.

Each student will have their own placement – paired placements are not required.  Summer placement sites are limited, so please make choices from the list on the application.

Submit an observation placement request 

Students may complete field-based assignments in public or private school sites (unless otherwise directed by Georgia State faculty).

Students who arrange their field placement in a community setting should:

  • Apply for a criminal background check through the approved Georgia State vendor.
  • Take a copy of the report with them to the site.