Advising for Doctoral (Ph.D.) Students

Most doctoral student advising takes place in your department with your program faculty advisor, your academic committee, and/or the faculty member most familiar with your program of study.

Part of being a doctoral student means completing many forms, so be sure to review the “For Graduate Students” section of Forms, Policies & Regulations.

Your doctoral academic advisor is located in the Office of Academic Assistance and Graduate Admissions (OAA), located in Suite 300 in the College of Education building.  The doctoral academic advisor monitors your progress through the program and helps you understand and adhere to university policies and procedures.  The doctoral academic advisor also clears you for graduation and completes your  final checkout for degree conferral. You can reach your OAA academic advisor by calling 404-413-8000.

Guide for Preparation of Prospectuses and Dissertations 
All dissertations required as part of a degree program and that can be conventionally printed on 8 1/2″ X 11″ paper will be accepted ONLY in digital .pdf  format. Regulations and formatting requirements are listed in the Guide for Preparation of Prospectuses and Dissertations. All  electronic files submitted for partial fulfillment of degree requirements must conform to the university and Library of Congress national standards before final approval is granted by the Office of Academic Assistance. Email to receive your template of choice: request either the Two-Chapter Dissertation Template or the Five-Chapter Dissertation Template.

This brochure explains in detail and gives specific examples of precisely how the format and typeface of the document should appear.

This Doctoral Flowchart suggests a recommended time sequence for doctoral students.  All academic coursework, successful completion of comprehensive examinations, successful presentation of prospectus and admission to candidacy must be completed within 7 years from the earliest course listed on approved program of study.  Your faculty advisor and members of your advisory committee will help you determine your program of study. Once admitted to candidacy, remaining requirements must be completed within the nine year time limit for completion of degree. All doctoral forms are available online.
Doctoral degree candidates must successfully defend their dissertation and complete required paperwork by specific dates during their graduation term.  The semester dates are outlined in the PHD Calendar 2014-15.
All Georgia State University doctoral students are required to complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates during their graduation term. This is an online survey.Visit the Survey of Earned Doctorates to learn  more.

Each semester, doctoral students who have applied for graduation will receive an email from the Senior Advisor in the Office of Academic Assistance & Graduate Admissions  requesting information for the Commencement Program. Students will receive this email early in the semester. The information provided will be published in the official Commencement Program, whether or not the student attends commencement. Any questions regarding this information should be addressed to the Senior Advisor for doctoral candidates.
Counseling and Psychological Services
Ph.D. Counseling Psychology Dr. Jeff Ashby
Counselor Education and Practice Dr. Catharina Chang
School Psychology Dr. Stephen Truscott
Ed.S. School Counseling Dr. Robert Rice
School Psychology Dr. Catherine Perkins
M.Ed. School Counseling Dr. Andrea Dixon
School Psychology Dr. Catherine Perkins
M.S. Professional/Mental Health Counseling Dr. Jonathan Orr
Rehabilitation Counseling Dr. Dennis Grilbride
Early Childhood Education
Ph.D Early Childhood Education Dr. J. Dangel
Ed.S. Early Childhood Education Dr. D. Truscott
M.Ed. Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education Collaborative Dr. L. HartDr. M. Matthews
Early Childhood Education Mathematics Dr. S. SmithDr. S. Swars
Early Childhood Education UACM Dr. N. Schafer
B.S.E. Early Childhood Education Dr. C. Tanquay
Educational Policy Studies

Educational Policy Studies

Educational Leadership Dr. D. Breault
Research, Measurement, and Statistics Dr. W.L. Curlette
Social Foundations of Education Dr. R. Lakes
Ed.S. Educational Leadership Dr. J. Berry
M.Ed. Educational Leadership Dr. J. Berry
M.S. Educational Research Dr. J. Fournillier
Social Foundations of Education Dr. P. Carter
Urban Teacher Leadership Dr. J. Berry
Non-degree Specialist PL-6 Dr. H. Richardson
Educational Psychology and Special Education
Ph.D. Educational Psychology Dr. M. Irving
Education of Students with Exceptionalities
Behavior Disorders Dr. J. Heflin/Dr. K. Jolivette
Learning Disabilities Dr. D. McKeown/Dr. N. Patton- Terry
Intellectual Disabilities Dr. M. Leontovich/Dr.D. Houchins
Orthopedic Impairments Physical & Health Impairments Dr. K. Heller
Sensory ImpairmentsDeaf/Hard of Hearing Dr. S. Easterbrooks
Special Education/Early Childhood Education Dr. P. Gallagher/Dr. E. Steed
Ed.S. Special Education (not accepting students at this time) N/A
Applied Behavior Analysis
Assistive Technology
Research-based Instruction
M.Ed. Behavior/Learning Disabilities
Special Education General Curriculum Dr. K. Jolivette
Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Dr. J. Heflin/Dr. K. Jolivette
Learning Disabilities Dr. B. Calhoon /Dr. N. Patton- Terry
Mental Retardation Dr. D. Houchins
Communication Disorders Dr. C. O’Rourke
Multiple and Severe Disabilities
Special Education Physical and Health Disabilitities Dr. K. Heller
Special Education General Curriculum (Autism) Dr. J. Heflin
Special Education Adapted Curriculum (Mental Retardation) Dr. P. Alberto
Special Education Deaf Education Dr. S. Easterbrooks

Special Education General Curriculum

(Early Childhood Education)

Dr. E. Steed
Special Education Preschool Dr. E. Steed
M.S. Educational Psychology Dr. D. Greenberg
Kinesiology and Health
Ph.D Kinesiology Dr. C. Ingalls
M.Ed. Health and Physical Education Dr. M. Metzler
M.S. Exercise Science Dr. C. Ingalls
Sports Administration Dr. B. Pitts
Sports Medicine Cheryl Appleberry
B.S.E. Health and Physical Education Dr. T. Metzler
B.S. Exercise Science Dr. J. Rupp
Middle-Secondary Education and Instructional Technology
Ph.D. Instructional Technology
Instructional Technology Dr. S. Harmon
Teaching and Learning
Language and Literacy Education Dr. P. Albers
Mathematics Education Dr. D. Stinson
Music Education Dr. P. Freer (A&S)
Science Education Dr. K. Demir
Social Studies Education Dr. C. Bohan
M.Ed. English Education Dr. M. Zoss
Mathematics Education Dr. D. Stinson
Mathematics Education – Online Program(GOML) Dr. N. Bayazit
Middle Level Education Dr. S. Behm Cross
Reading, Language, and Literacy Education
Option 1: Reading Specialist (P-12) Dr. P. Albers
Option 2: Early Literacy Specialist(ages 3-8) Dr. A. Flint
Option 3: English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Dr. G.Tinker-Sachs
Reading, Language, and Literacy Education – Online Program(GOML) Dr. J. Choi
Science Education Dr. L. Martin-Hansen
Science Education – Online Program(GOML) Dr. O. Manley
Social Studies Education Dr. C. Sullivan
M.A.T English Education Dr. M. Deming
Mathematics Education Dr. P. Junor-Clarke
Middle Level Education
Language Arts and Social Studies Dr. C. Sullivan
Mathematics and Science Dr. C. Jett
Reading, Language, and Literacy Education(ESOL) Dr. Y. Yi
Reading, Language, and Literacy Education- Online Program (GOML) Dr. J. Choi
Science Education Dr. O. Manley
Social Studies Education Dr. C. Earl
M.L.M. Library Media Technology Dr. N. Brown
M.S. Instructional Technology Dr. W. Kinuthia