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Advising Services

Undergraduate Advising

If  you are an undergraduate student with less than 90 completed hours at Georgia State University, you are required to seek advisement at the University Advisement Center at 25 Park Place (the former SunTrust tower). Freshmen will see their adviser in Suite 1400 (14th floor), while sophomores and juniors will see their advisors in Suite 1300 (13th floor). Seniors (students with 90 or more credit hours) will see their adviser in their college’s Office of Academic Assistance (OAA).

Undergraduate advisers in the College of Education’s Office of Academic Assistance and Graduate Admissions (OAA) will advise students regarding all aspects of their degree and major. OAA advisers will:

  • Provide academic plans for each undergraduate student;
  • Review undergraduate transfer credit for students who have completed coursework at other institutions;
  • Confirm eligibility for entry into teacher education;
  • Assist with course selections and schedule revisions each term;
  • Explain catalog regulations;
  • Administer policies for the college and university;
  • Audit each student for graduation; and
  • Refer students to other sources of assistance in the university

Walk-in advisement
Mondays 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Tuesdays 3 p.m. – 4 p.m.   

Graduate Advising

Graduate students are assigned a departmental adviser in their acceptance letter to the college and are encouraged to call on these advisers first. The Office of Academic Assistance will provide additional administrative help for completion of degree, recommendation for certification, and standardized testing.

Most graduate student advising takes place in the departments with the student’s program faculty adviser, an academic committee, or the faculty member most familiar with the student’s program of study.

The Office of Academic Assistance and Graduate Admissions will guide master’s candidates through their final clearance for graduation and doctoral candidates through the last phases of submitting evidence of their terminal degree.

Useful Links
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