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School Counseling Alumna Excited to Start Career at RAMP High School [Alumni Case Study]

Alumni quote, Lauren Butler, M.Ed. '15, School Counseling

I never thought I wanted to work in schools

After completing my bachelor’s degree, I worked as a college advisor for two years at a national program that placed recent college graduates in metro Atlanta schools. I assisted first generation high school students from underrepresented backgrounds find a college and guided them on their journey to higher education. I never thought I wanted to work in schools, but that experience was so rewarding. Building relationships with those students and seeing them grow is what inspired me to pursue a master’s in school counseling.

My cohort and internship were awesome

Georgia State’s School Counseling master’s program is designed around the cohort model, which allows students to attend classes, study and form strong bonds with the same group of students the entire two years. Prior to the program starting, I met the students in my cohort at a BBQ hosted by faculty and we immediately clicked and became very close friends, like a family. In addition, my internship was awesome because it was at my alma mater high school – all of my teachers and school counselors were there, and my site supervisor just happened to also be my marriage counselor!

RAMP schools deliver comprehensive program

I’m excited to begin my career as a counselor at one of Fulton County’s top academic high schools because they have been designated as a Recognized American School Counselor Association Model Program (RAMP). Unlike most schools, they follow the ASCA national model and are committed to delivering a comprehensive school counseling program. Since the master’s program prepared me to implement this model, I’m looking forward to working at a school that respects the critical role the counselor plays in and outside of the school community.

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