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Zahra Safaeepour

Posted On June 27, 2016

Zahra Safaeepour received her academic education in biomedical engineering, prosthetics and orthotics. She has a diverse background and the knowledge to develop new devices that may improve the quality of current equipment.

Her research interests lie in the area of human motion analysis and specifically, how different prostheses (artificial limbs) and orthoses (assistive devices) impacts… more »

Leslie Currah

Posted On June 27, 2016

Leslie Currah is a Georgia transplant originally from Lynchburg, Tennessee, which, she says, is the home of Jack Daniels.

“Growing up, the smell of sour mash was thick in the air and the biggest traffic concern was getting behind a hay truck or the occasional cow who had gotten out and made their way to… more »

April Smith

Posted On June 14, 2016

April Smith is a senior administrative coordinator for the Department of Educational Psychology, Special Education, and Communication Disorders.

Toni Duncan profile

Toni Duncan

Posted On June 13, 2016

Toni Duncan is a certified project management professional. She works in the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects for the College of Education & Human Development.

Stephen Mendenhall

Stephen Mendenhall

Posted On June 13, 2016

Stephen Mendenhall works in the Office of Academic Assistance in the College of Education & Human Development. He’s been with the College since 2015. Previously, he was part of the undergraduate academic advising team in Georgia State University’s College of Arts and Sciences’ Office of Academic Assistance for six years.

Mendenhall also worked for the… more »

Iris Feinberg portrait

Iris Feinberg

Posted On June 13, 2016

Dr. Iris Feinberg is the assistant director of the Adult Literacy Research Center. She has an extensive professional and philanthropic background in helping individuals find and use information to make well-informed decisions. She received her Ph.D. in 2015 from the School of Public Health at Georgia State University. Feinberg’s primary research interest is in health… more »

Harley Granville

Harley Granville

Posted On June 10, 2016

Dr. Harley Granville is a research associate II in the Center for Evaluation and Research Services. Granville conducts evaluation site visits, focus groups and individual interviews. He also meets with CERS clients and consults with CEHD faculty on qualitative research design as well as IRB proposal preparation for their funded projects.  Granville is a staff… more »

Cynthia Atkins Woods

Posted On March 22, 2016

10 years of experience working in education, federal government and non-profit organizations managing grants, contracts and cooperative agreements. Specializing in budget development, contract renewals, funding proposals, and project close-out for academic, education, federal and training contracts and grants.