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Research Centers

The Center for Research on School Safety, School Climate and Classroom Management consists of faculty and staff members representing a broad span of academic orientations including education, psychology, nursing, social work, law, and criminal justice. The mission of the Center is to coordinate and support scholarly efforts to gain a fuller understanding of the variables affecting school safety, school climate and classroom management. This is accomplished by stimulating interdisciplinary basic and applied research in these areas, and by facilitating educational and outreach efforts that focus on our growing understanding of variables and interventions that affect school safety, school climate and classroom management.

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The mission of the Center for Pediatric Locomotion Sciences is to perform innovative, interdisciplinary research to improve the lives of children and adolescents with mobility disorders. Currently, the center is conducting exploratory research in four primary areas that challenge children: idiopathic toe walking, Down syndrome, lower limb amputation and cerebral palsy, and has already made important gains in each of these areas.

The Urban Child Study Center seeks to better understand and support the development, academic achievement and overall well-being of children living in urban areas. The mission of the center is to  focus on the entire lives and contexts of children living in urban communities who face complex challenges and to work with their teachers, neighborhoods and families.

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