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Educational Research Bureau Presentations

Educational Research Bureau presentations take place on the second Wednesday of every month at 12 p.m. in College of Education room 1030.

Fall 2014

September 10
“Making Your Life as PI Easier: Understanding Grant Timeline and Application Requirements”
Yolanda Gantz

This session will focus on grant timelines and the application process for faculty and doctoral students who are new to the grant process and want to learn more.

October 8
“Let’s Get Personnel: Faculty and Staff Effort Buy-outs on Sponsored Projects”
Bil Boozer

Handling personnel issues on sponsored projects can be complicated, particularly with multi-year awards. This presentation will cover some common personnel problems from the perspective of the college and of potential auditors, including effort calculation, workload, partnering with other academic units, and prior period adjustments.

November 12
“Institutional Review Board – Navigating the IRB Process”
Walt Thompson, moderator
Janice Fournillier, Ann Kruger, Amy Flint and Jerry Brandon, faculty panelists

Learning how to navigate the IRB process can be tedious. Catch this panel and ask questions that will help you with your next IRB application.

Spring 2015

February 11
“Grant Lessons Learned: Tales from Current Project Investigators”
Alison Norsworthy, moderator
Diane Truscott, Gwen Benson and Daphne Greenberg, faculty panelists

This panel discussion will highlight faculty members’ experiences with and lessons learned when implementing federal grants. Attendees are encouraged to bring questions.

March 11
“Tips on Managing Post Award Activities and OMB Updates”
Jamie Turner, moderator
Kay Gilstrap, Curtis Bonner and Michael Mathieson, staff panelists

This presentation will address common issues and solutions that arise during post-award implementation of grants; ways to be proactive in managing your grant; the bridge between pre-award and post-award to facilitate effective project management; and personnel-related post award issues.

April 8
“Cultivating and Building International Relationships”
Susan Ogletree, moderator
Janice Fournillier, Amy Flint, Brendan Calandra and Gwen Benson, faculty panelists

Cultivating and building international relationships takes mutual interest and care. This panel will discuss how to cultivate and build international relationships that lead to partnerships.

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