Grant Liaisons

Grant liaisons work with College of Education faculty or staff members to assist them in identifying funding opportunities, preparing grant proposals, obtaining required approvals, and facilitating prompt submission.

In certain situations, a grant liaison can travel with potential grant applicants and principal investigators to meet with agency program officers. Additionally, liaisons will be available to attend grant writing team meetings. The grant liaison serves as the faculty or staff members initial point of contact for grant related services in the ERB.

Grant liaison services include:

  • Meeting with program officers and principal investigator
  • Providing proposal timeline development
  • Supporting proposal development, construc-tion, and review
  • Accompanying the principal investigator to grant meetings
  • Developing grant budget and budget narrative
  • Processing grant application forms
  • Submitting the proposal
  • Initiating roll-out meeting upon award
  • Processing subcontract agreements
  • Contacting the sponsor as needed
  • Advising regarding contract requirements and other regulations
  • Assisting the ERB accountant with monitoring grant expenditures
  • Requesting budget reviews (accountant)
  • Requesting rebudgeting (accountant)
  • Requesting no-cost extensions (accountant)
  • Supporting completion of periodic (e.g., annual) reports to the agency.
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