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Sarah Bridges-Rhoads

Assistant Professor    Assistant Professor of Literacy    
Doctor of Philosophy in Elementary Education, University of Georgia, 2011
Master of Education in Early Childhood, University of Georgia, 2004
Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, University of Georgia, 2001
Writing Pedagogy
Poststructural Qualitative Methodology
Teacher Education

Sarah Bridges-Rhoads is an assistant professor of literacy in the Department of Early Childhood and Elementary Education.

Her research interests are informed by poststructural theories of language, subjectivity, power, and knowledge. She studies how qualitative researchers, teacher educators, and literacy teachers conceptualize and enact writing in the postmodern age. Her current projects focus on how the writing subject is produced in qualitative research and literacy education.

She has publications in a number of journals including Qualitative Inquiry, The International Review of Qualitative Research, Cultural Studies, Critical Methodologies and Language Arts. Sarah teaches doctoral seminars in scholarly writing and qualitative methodology as well as undergraduate courses in writing and reading pedagogies. In her classes, she focuses on how formats, modalities, and media impact meaning.


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Bridges-Rhoads, S. and Van Cleave, J. (2013). “Writing the torment: Aporetic data and the possibility of justice.” Cultural Studies<=> Critical Methodologies, 13(4), 267-273.

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Parks, A. and Bridges-Rhoads, S. (2012). “Overly Scripted: Exploring the impact of a scripted literacy curriculum on a preschool teacher’s instructional practices in mathematics.” Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 26(3), 308-324.