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Nadia Behizadeh

Assistant Professor of Adolescent Literacy    

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies, Emory University, 2012
Master of Arts in Educational Studies, Emory University, 2011
Teaching Credential in English, History, with a Subject Matter Authorization in Music, California State University, 2005
Bachelor of Arts in English, University of Georgia, 2002


Adolescent writing instruction and assessment (including large-scale sociocultural portfolio assessment)
Authentic literacy instruction
Culturally relevant pedagogy
Reading and writing across the curriculum
Problem-based and project-based learning


Nadia Behizadeh is an assistant professor of adolescent literacy in the College of Education & Human Development’s Department of Middle and Secondary Education. Her past middle level experience includes teaching English, language arts, history, and reading; co-developing and running an advisory program; serving on a design team for a project-based learning school; and leading school-wide professional development using Critical Friends Groups. At the university level, she has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in educational research, content literacy and language diversity, and supervised pre-service teachers.

Her research interests include adolescent writing instruction and assessment (including large-scale sociocultural portfolio assessment), authentic literacy instruction, culturally relevant pedagogy, reading and writing across the curriculum and problem-based and project-based learning. Behizadeh currently serves as a program faculty for the Bachelor of Science in Education in Middle Level Education program, program faculty for the Doctor of Philosophy in Teaching and Learning program (Language and Literacy and Teaching and Teaching Education concentrations) and is an affiliate faculty for the Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction program.


Please see for full list of publications.

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