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Mary Rambow

Clinical Instructor    Supervisor    
M.A., University of Kansas
B.A., Columbia College
Supervising students working with adults who exhibit aphasia, apraxia, or dysarthria.

Mary Rambow is a certified, licensed speech-language-pathologist who has worked in the field of Communication Disorders for 40 years in all settings with all age groups. She holds the Certificate of Clinical Competency in Speech-Language Pathology and has been at Georgia State University for 20 years teaching/ supervising in the Speech-Language-Hearing clinic as part of the clinical education faculty.


Tonkovich,J.D., Rambow, M.W., and Boettcher T.L. Dysarthria Rehabilitation Program- second edition. Austin,Tx: Pro-Ed.
Rambow, M.W., and Latham, T. Rebuilding Language. Austin, Tx: Pro-Ed.