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Kelle Laushey

Clinical Assistant Professor    
Ph.D. in Exceptional Students, Georgia State University, 2002
M.Ed. in Exceptional Students, Georgia State University, 1993
B.A. in Special Education, University of Georgia, 1989

Kelle Laushey is a former special needs preschool and special needs kindergarten teacher. She is also a former autism consultant/autism support teacher for a large metropolitan school system in the Atlanta area. In this position, she supported students along the ASD spectrum in preschool through high school. Laushey has worked closely with families and other professionals to develop specific programs and strategies for individuals with autism and other disabilities. She has a bachelor’s degree in special education, and a master’s and doctorate in special education with an emphasis on autism and early childhood special education. Additionally, she is a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA-D). She currently serves as a clinical assistant professor at Georgia State University, teaching and supervising students in two undergraduate programs: the dual certification program and the Birth Through Five program. Laushey has done research in the area of teaching social skills to young children with autism in inclusive environments, and has taught teachers at the in-service level and students at the pre-service level. Her hands-on experience with children and families and her research and knowledge of best practices in working with children and families fuel her passion for teaching students at Georgia State.


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