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Kara Kavanagh

Clinical Assistant Professor    
Ph.D. in Early Childhood Education, Georgia State University, 2010
M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education, Armstrong Atlantic State University, 2006
B.A. in Psychology, George Mason University, 1998
Urban/Multicultural Education, Teacher Development, Social Justice, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, Micropolitical contexts of teaching and learning in urban schools during standardized testing

Kara M. Kavanagh is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education. Her research, teaching, and service is focused on teacher development and Urban/Multicultural Education in P-16+ settings. She taught 3rd -5th grades in urban schools in Georgia and has over 10 years of experience working in education. She currently works with pre and in service teachers across programs in Georgia State’s Bachelor of Science in Education, Education Specialist, and Master’s in the Art of Teaching. She teaches classes and conducts research on the topics of culturally relevant pedagogy, cultural foundations of education, social justice, and teacher development. She enjoys her work coaching novice teachers in their classrooms as they navigate the unique micropolitical contexts of their urban schools and district curricular mandates. She works extensively with GaNAME (National Association of Multicultural Educators), a group of committed teachers, parents/guardians, community groups, and professors to advocate with and for our students and teachers who work in historically underserved districts.


Kavanagh, K. & Dunn, A.H. (in press). The political spectacle of recruiting the “best and the brightest.”Critical Education.
Kavanagh, K. (2009). Review of the book, Teaching the levees: A curriculum for democratic dialogue and civic engagement. International Journal of Multicultural Education, 11(2).
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Conference Presentations (sample)
Zhao, Y., Kavanagh, K.. & Moore, C. (2013, February). Reading, Selecting, Teaching, and Creating Multicultural Children’s Books: Preservice Teachers’ Experiences and Perspectives.Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association of Teacher Educators, Atlanta, Georgia.
Kavanagh, K. (2012, November). From Theory to Practice: Moving Beyond Essentializing Notions of Culture in Culturally Relevant Pedagogy to Personally Relevant Pedagogy through the DRC. Paper presented at the National Association of Multicultural Educators, Philadelphia, PA.
Dunn, A.H. & Kavanagh, K. (2012, April). International teachers, Teach for America, and the political spectacle of recruitment for urban schools. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Kavanagh, K.. (2011, April). “Trying to carve out space to be subversive when you don’t have space at all is a real tension”: Novice TFAers with an espoused Culturally Responsive Teaching ideology implement a mandated scripted literacy program. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, LA.

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