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Brendan Calandra

Associate Professor    
Ph.D.,University of South Florida
M.A.,University of Florida
B.A.,Florida State University
The use of digital media for learning and professional development.

Brendan Calandra’s research and teaching focuses on the use of digital media for learning and professional development. Some of his current research and development projects include: video analysis for teacher education, project-based STEM learning for after-school and summer programs, teaching and learning in virtual worlds, asynchronous online learning and technology-enhanced safety awareness training.

In addition to books and book chapters,  Calandra has published in quality journals such as Educational Technology Research and Development, Educational Technology, The Journal of Research on Technology in Education, The Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, The Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, Educational Media International and Technology, Pedagogy and Education among others.

Calandra has guest-edited two special issues of Educational Technology; he serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Research on Technology in Education; he serves on the board of consulting editors for Educational Technology Research and Development; he serves on the board of reviewers for the Journal of Teacher Education; and he regularly reviews for Computers and Education.

Calandra is the former chair of the Instructional Technology Special Interest Group (SIG-IT) of the American Educational Research Association, as well as the recipient of their 2010 Leadership Award.


Selected Publications

Calandra, B. & Harmon, S.W. (2012). A unique e-learning design for high impact safety awareness training. Educational Media International. 49(12), 97-108.
Wang, C.X., Calandra, B., Tibbard, S.T., & McDowell Lefaiver, M.L. (2012). Learning effects of an experimental EFL program in second life. Educational Technology Research and Development. 60(5), 943-961.
Thompson-Sellers, I. & Calandra, B. (2012). Ask the instructional designers: A cursory glance at practice in the workplace. Performance Improvement. 51 (7), 21-27.
Calandra, B. & Puvirajah, A, (2011). Using digital video to promote teachers’ transformative learning. Educational Technology. 51(2), 33-36.
Calandra, B. & Veletsianos, G. (2011). Special issue on technology and transformative learning: Introduction. Educational Technology, 51(2), 3-4.
(Award winning paper) Lai, G. & Calandra, B. (2010). Examining the effects of computer-based scaffolds on novice teachers’ reflective journal writing. Educational Technology Research and Development. 58(4), 421-437.
Calandra, B. & Brantley-Dias, L. (2010). Using digital video editing to shape novice teachers: A generative process for nurturing professional growth. Educational Technology, 50(1), 13-17.
Rich P.J., & Calandra, B. (2010). Video, video everywhere: Issues and evidence of video analysis in teacher education. Educational Technology, 50(1), 3.
Calandra, B., Brantley-Dias, L., Lee, J.K., & Fox, D.L. (2009). Using video editing to cultivate novice teachers’ practice. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 42(1), 73-94.
Lai, G., Calandra, B., & Ma, Y. (2009). Leveraging the potential of design-based research to improve reflective thinking in an educational assessment system. International Journal of Technology in Teaching and Learning, 5(2), 119-137.
Calandra, B., Gurvitch, R., & Lund, J. (2008). An exploratory study of digital video editing as a tool for teacher preparation. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 16(2), 137-153 .
Calandra, B., Barron, A.E., & Thompson-Sellers, I. (2008). Audio use in e-Learning: What, why, when, and how? International Journal of eLearning, 7(4), 589-601.

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