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Alyssa Hadley Dunn

Assistant Professor    
Ph.D. in Educational Studies,Emory University,2011
Master of Arts in Educational Studies, Emory University
Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education and English, Boston College
Urban Schools and Policy
Multicultural Education
Teacher Preparation
Social Justice
International Teaching

Alyssa Hadley Dunn, Ph.D., is an assistant professor and former high school English teacher. Her research and teaching interests include urban schools and policy, multicultural education, teacher preparation, and adolescent literacy in diverse classrooms. Dunn is the author of two books, multiple journal articles and other publications, all of which consider schooling and policies through critical, social justice-focused lenses. Her most recent book is Teachers Without Borders?: The Hidden Consequences of International Teachers in U.S. Schools (Teachers College Press, 2013). She has received honors and awards for her research, teaching, and service, including Georgia State’s Carl V. Patton Presidential Award for Outstanding Community Service and Social Action. Dunn is further interested in the intersections of local and global communities, and in addition to conducting research on international teaching, also leads a Maymester study abroad program to explore diversity in France. Within the Middle and Secondary Education department, she serves as co-coordinator of the Ph.D. concentration in Teaching and Teacher Education and program coordinator of the Bachelors of Science in Middle Level Education. Dunn is currently Co-Chair of the Critical Educators for Social Justice (CESJ) Special Interest Group of AERA and on the Leadership Board of the Georgia Chapter of the National Association for Multicultural Education (GA NAME).


Dunn, A.H. (2013). Teachers without borders?: The hidden consequences of international teachers in U.S. schools. New York: Teachers College Press.
Dunn, A.H. (2013). The poetry of burnout: Metaphors of teaching in urban schools. Teachers College Record. Retrieved from at
Dunn, A.H. (2011). Global village versus culture shock: The recruitment and preparation of international teachers for U.S. urban schools. Urban Education, 46, 1379-1410.
Stairs, A.J., Donnell, K. & Dunn, A.H. (2011). Urban teaching in America: Theory, research, and practice in K-12 classrooms. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
Dunn, A. H. (2010). “We Know You’re Black at Heart”: A Self-Study of a White, Urban High School Teacher. In K. Donnell & A. J. Stairs (Eds.), Research on urban teacher learning: Examining contextual factors over time (pp. 29-40). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
*For complete list of publications and presentation, please see CV.

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